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The Top 5 Places for Dessert in Dubai

1.Cheesecake at Ruth’s Chris This decadent cheesecake is as much a reason to visit Ruth’s Chris as for the steak itself. Indulge yourself in thick, creamy and smooth cheese filling within a sweet crumbly base accentuated with drips of lemon. 2. Tiramisu at the Tiramisu Cafe Relish in one of the best tiramisu’s in town…

Top 5 Spots for Date Night in Miami


It’s your night. Not a table full of friends, no kids, it’s just the two of you. So where do you go to make it feel like date night in Miami? Try one of these romantic spots to ignite the spark. 1. Juvia There’s nothing like a view to feel romantic vibes. Especially in the…

Aerion Corporation Makes Supersonic Business Jet


Prepare to be spoiled further one percenters that fly private jets. As it is, you will now be able to fly from New York to Paris in perhaps less than four hours in the most comfortable environment an aircraft could possibly offer. Reno-based aeronautical engineering company and world leader in commercial supersonic technology Aerion Corporation…

10 Ways To Ease Your Rich Ass Hangover


Hungover? So are we. Here are the top 10 ways to get out of a hangover… we always recommend to just continue the party. 1. Water H2O is a must. As you likely know from the frequent trips to the bathroom during a night of debauchery, alcohol is a diuretic and can cause dehydration. Before…

The Most Expensive Video Games Ever


Calling all nerds and game freaks… Below we have listed our top 10 video games ever that have racked up the mills! Are you ready to get your game on? 10. Tomb Raider (2013) – $100 Million Square Enix was taking a huge gamble spending this much money on a reboot. To see profitability the…

Most Expensive Junk Food

Most Expensive

Our top expensive meals that will make you drool and keep your bank clean. 10. ’Powder Room Milkshake’, Hollywood, California: $500.00 A few years ago, a pre divorce and pre-Kanye Kim Kardashian turned up in Dubai with her mother to launch the Kim Shake. Dubbed the most expensive milkshake in the world, it marked the…

10 Most Expensive Roller Coasters

Most Expensive

Ride this! Thrill seekers & money makers hop on board our coaster. The average roller coaster costs millions to build. A smaller one, like in the Mall of America, might be worth $1-2 million, but for newer and bigger attractions at amusement parks worldwide, the price creeps closer to $20 million. Fast Company online magazine…

Drink Like Gentleman


 When beer just isn’t enough… Let’s face it we all get bored with just beer every weekend and don’t lie about sipping on your chicks drink . We know you do. For those moments when you want something rougher than your Blue or Coors.   Here are some drinks that will keep you sippin and…

Top 10 Strip Clubs – American Edition


There nothing red-blooded American men love more than their beer, their football and their strippers. Heck, if they could combine all three, they’d indulge in a sudsy, pigskin-tossing game with bikini-clad, stiletto-sporting ladies. Since that fantasy is yet to become a reality, however, men have had to rely on the tried-and-true strip clubs of America…

Most Expensive MINI, MINI Inspired by Goodwood


One of the most cherished and highly revered names in the small car segment, MINI, has now achieved yet another accolade with the launch of the all new MINI Inspired by Goodwood. This latest offering from the British luxury marque is claimed to be the most expensive MINI and will be available exclusively via the…


Most Expensive Apartment in NYC

New York’s most expensive apartment has bounced back in the news. It has caused another twist in what appears to become the most expensive divorce. Dimitry Rybolovlev, a Russian billionaire oligarch is at the centre of all the controversy. The Russian who made his fortune from fertilizer bought a palatial penthouse in New York overlooking…

10 Amazing Vegas Suites for the Ultimate Bachelor Party


When you think bachelor party, you probably think immediately of Vegas – and not just because of The Hangover. Las Vegas has been setting the scene for countless bachelor parties for years – heck, it’s practically a man’s rite of passage into married life. And if it’s your last time together as crazy, irresponsible bachelors,…

Top 10 Greatest Beards in Sports

Elite Groups

I think it’s safe to say that 2013 was dominated by facial hair. First, the Robertson Family with their luscious beards from Duck Dynasty became massively popular; and in doing so raked in millions of dollars for A&E and Duck Commander. There was also the rise of the beard in sports, most notably by the…

Top Celebrities That Are Going To Space


If you had the cash would you go to space? Let’s face it, very few people would pass on the opportunity to go to space. Only one problem, not everyone can afford it. For many years space travel has only been allowed for elite astronauts, but now thanks to Billion dollar tycoon Richard Branson he…

Apartment Gadgets That Will Get You Laid Part 2


Our continuation of Awesome Apartments Gadgets that will get you laid. It’s not a science it’s just cost a little cash. LED Ceiling This is a cool little device that lights up your ceiling with adjustable LED patterns through the function of a pen. You can draw out various art or you can paint out…

The Most Expensive T-Shirts

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Seriously this is some expensive cotton!!! The T-shirt evolved in the 19th century from undergarments, through cutting the one-piece union suit underwear into separate bottom and top garments, with the top long enough to tuck under the waistband of the bottoms. A T-shirt is mostly a shirt having a round neck. It either has a…

Gadgets That Will Get You Laid


Everyone loves to have an experience of wild nights and intimacy. The rich and famous simply have the means to make it happen a lot easier than your common bloke that works an average job. While this may not be fair, it’s honest, and another things to put into the concept of fair, life simply…

The Bad Ass Tron Motorcycle Can Be Yours

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If there is one thing that the Fans and detractors of the cult movie Tron and its 2010 Sequel agree on, it is that the light-cycle is the coolest concept in the entire franchise. The stunning visuals depicted in Tron: Legacy only added to its cool quotient. So it is no surprise that most Tron…

Why Was John D. Rockefeller a Dick?

New Vs Old

It’s said “money doesn’t come easy, you have to work hard for it…unless you inherit it like Paris Hilton did, hook up with a billionaire or get lucky and win a jackpot”….But let’s say if you ever got filthy rich, what is the wildest thing you would want to pull off? Well, I would definitely…

Dollar Bill Secrets

The Secrets of a Dollar Bill


We’ve all heard the phrase “money can’t buy love” which may be true or maybe not, who cares; but I know one thing for sure: greens in your wallet can definitely buy you happiness, luxuries, fancy cars and a high roller lifestyle!   You may shame on the $1.00 but there are some things you…

Luxury Living

How Pepsi Is Responsible For Nearly Everything You Eat

Pepsi is one of the biggest beverage companies in the world, engaging in all-out war with the Coca-Cola company for what we drink. I grew up a Coke drinker, but have since developed a preference for Pepsi. I’d like to think it’s because Pepsi’s lower sodium content, but maybe it’s just marketing. But the battle for cola drinkers…

Angry Neighbor Leaves Epic Note For Aspiring DJs In His Building

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I love a good note. There is no better way of expressing yourself than with the written word. It gives you ample time to explain exactly and eloquently what you are thinking. In case you are living with people in your building who are trying to become the next Avicii, but sound more like Nickelback on speed, take a…

Artist Customizes Faces On Classic Coins With Paintings Of Iconic Faces

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Andre Levy, a Germany-based designer, is showing us the artistic value of old coins and change by painting iconic faces of public figures, fashion designers and characters from movies on the faces in a project called ‘Tales You Lose.” Imagine if all the coins in the world were always painted with different famous faces on…

Why The Ladder To Success Will Weed Out The Weak

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Achieving success is a lot like walking up a ladder — a very, very tall and slippery ladder. We start the climb with a burst of energy and are usually able to maintain a good pace for a decent amount of time. But then our limitations kick in and we begin to feel a soreness…

How To Communicate Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Elite Groups

Being average is boring, and “being you” is cliché. Others say, do “what feels right,” but too often people steer toward comfort, which returns them to this same dilemma in the hunt for excitement. While this may be “you” now, it’s not the version of you that you strive to be. Break this mold of security;…

#TBT Our 12 Favorite Things We Miss About BBM

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Have  you heard the news!? Blackberry announced yesterday that its signature BBM messaging platform will be available as a free app for both iOS and Android mobile devices in the coming months. This is insane!! Remember how much we used to love using BBM? Our BlackBerrys were EVERYTHING to us as the first phones we legitimately couldn’t keep our eyes and hands off of….

Why Disney Runs The World

New Vs Old

We all know Disney is a massive, loaded company. Just based on companies with Disney in the name, we can tell it’s one of the biggest franchises in the world. But #66 in the world big? Obviously, we know they own all the vacation spots with their name on them: Disneyland in CA, Walt Disney World in FL, Disneyland…

#DrakeBeTheType: The Internet’s Take On Drake Is Absolutely Hysterical

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As we all download Nothing Was the Same and play it on repeat with no shame, it’s important to emphasize that we still think that Drake is the softest n*gga in the game. He may make some damn good tracks, but he still ain’t getting our respect. What is it about Drake that we just can’t stand? Is it…

Want Your Degree To Mean Something? Work While You’re In College

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In an era when it seems as if many people are trying to reconstruct the formula for success, the value of the college degree has been questioned, debated and then questioned again. The most cynical observers might tell you that the four years you spend in college aren’t necessary and that a degree is nothing…