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Tea drinker, occasional Shakespeare reader :) Full time writer of all things love and life related.

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First Class – Flying in style in 2015

This article is provided by The London Helicopter   Today, international air travel is worlds apart from our understanding of it only a mere century ago. Our appreciation, too, is not what it was the first time we saw our species take flight on mechanical wings. Modern day aviation started off as an exercise in…

Cigar Culture Around the World


  Recreational cigar smoking has always had an association with a culture of style, sophistication and rich history. Best of all, cigars greatly benefit the import and export factors of different countries across the world, leading to a diverse cultural effort.   In 2015, there are mixed opinions as to the necessity and quality of…

A guide to luxury living


Perhaps you’ve recently won big on the Lotto. Or maybe you’ve just been putting aside your hard earned cash in the hope of spoiling yourself a little. Either way, like most of us, you’re yearning for a taste of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and now wondering how best to treat yourself to…

home cinema

The Most Expensive Home Cinemas in the World


We all love to watch a great movie, and the sound and picture quality can literally make or break the experience. While the average household is more than happy to fork out a few hundred pounds on their setup, spending over the odds for an electronic device that’ll be out-of-date in a matter of years…

Dream Luxury Properties: Buying property in mainland Portugal


Written By Jessica Baker – There are many different reasons why people move abroad. Whether it’s to pursue a new career opportunity or have a better quality of life, the process can be very complicated. This article has been written in association with Triton Cottage, and will give you an idea on what procedures…

Top 5 First Date Spots in Los Angeles


If you don’t find amore at these haute five restaurants, you definitely can’t blame it on the ambiance! 1. Malibu Wines Great wines, live music and a beautiful setting make Malibu wines the ultimate romantic spot. Whether you want to show off your knowledge of vino or simply want to enjoy a picture-perfect setting, trust…

Top 5 Wine Bars in Los Angeles + the O.C.


1. AOC Imbibing at AOC is an experience for your senses. You’ll see an elegant, sparsely monochromatic set-up when you enter Suzanne Goin and Carolyn Styne’s 3rd St. restaurant. You’ll then be seduced the rich odors of cheese and charcuterie, including DOC-rated cheeses from all around the world. However, you’ll stay for the divine tastes…

The Coolest Hotel Pools in the San Francisco Bay Area


If you’re eagerly awaiting the San Francisco summer to turn into splashy bikini season, you will be waiting awhile (November is just a few months away!). Luckily, San Francisco dwellers and visitors won’t have to travel far to find a good splash. Enjoy the coolest Bay Area hotel pools. 1. St. Regis Hotel This prestigious hotel boasts…

What are They Doing that I’m Not? The Hottest Celebrity Beach Bodies


It’s that time of year again! Summer is here and the sun’s out, which means it’s time for the hottest celebrities to get out their beach bodies and take to the sands. Paparazzi pay days are known to go through the roof around this time of year, and it’s no surprise when there’s this much…

The Ultimate Guide to Travelling in Style

Luxury Living

When it comes to touring around your favourite city, or travelling abroad to a sunny peninsula far away, we believe the only way to do it is in style. Coming equipped with the finest means for luxury travel, these methods of travel are the coolest bar none. Take a look at the best ways the…


5 Ways To Celebrate The 4th Lavishly

Rise & Shine WLTHRS Happy Day Let’s Celebrate! If you have yet to decide your activities for today or the weekend perhaps we have some places to drop cash or jet off too. Below we have listed our top 5 ways to celebrate America. 1. Rent A Yacht Cost 4K – 10K (depending on size…

Top 10 Most Expensive Divorces


Everyday someone in the US is getting a divorce… unfortunately some have to pay a hefty fine for breaking this marriage bond. Maybe a pre-nup would’ve been a better option? You be the judge. Here is our Top 10 Most Expensive Divorces   10. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver While a strong marriage has the…

Luxury Kitchen Appliances for The Easy Life


Extravagant kitchen appliances give you the opportunity to enhance your culinary output with little effort. It doesn’t matter how good you are at cooking, if you haven’t got the right tools for the job you’ll struggle. The rich and successful need appliances that make like easier, and while you may not consider the appliances on…

Most Expensive Credit Cards


Thanks to high unemployment and rising personal bankruptcies, banks in the credit card business suffered their first losses in decades last year. But bankers need not fret. The rich still love their plastic, and banks are ready to soak them for all they’re worth with an array of elite cards–keys to exclusive and expensive privileges…

Celebrities and Cigars – The Height of Luxury

Elite Groups

Cigars are a sign of stature and smoking them can literally make you feel like a film star. Cigar smoking has been significantly increasing in popularity over the past 20 years and the industry owes a lot to Hollywood for its success. Listed below are some of the most famous faces who are partial to…