The Ultimate Guide to Travelling in Style

When it comes to touring around your favourite city, or travelling abroad to a sunny peninsula far away, we believe the only way to do it is in style. Coming equipped with the finest means for luxury travel, these methods of travel are the coolest bar none. Take a look at the best ways the wealthiest in the world get around.



Travelling on sea is a longstanding method of luxury travel, with pioneers of the world discovering far off lands on boats three times the size of most houses. In modern day society, private voyagers sailed by the likes of Brad Pitt and Louis CK carry accessories ranging from swimming pools to full blown diners.

For those interested in making their first cruiseliner, prices start at around $2,000,000/£1,700,00, so think long and hard before you start writing any cheques.


Whilst some people enjoy the blinding speed of their own private jet, there’s no better way to take in the view of beautiful landscapes than in a helicopter.


Helicopter rides are by far one of the best ways to see the city, with some tour operators giving customers views of up to 10,000 feet! The London Helicopter provides helicopter rides over London for the ultimate thrill ride, whilst experiencing the UK’s capital city in all its glory.

Private Jet

Why travel business class when you can fly in style? Private jets have been a longstanding tradition amongst millionaires for years, with the likes of Donald Trump taking to the skies just to get lunch!


Brazillian footballer Givanildo de Sousa, a.k.a ‘Hulk’ flies in style to all his games.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on your own private flying experience, prices for jets start at around $500,000. Alternatively you can rent one for the day for around $20,000. Private jets are commonly used for business meeting between foreign executives, and by pop stars flying to concerts on the other side of the world.


BAE Systems recently designed a viewing deck for private jets, appropriately named the ‘Air Deck’. The design of the elevated platform allows it to fit right into the back of the aircraft, which deploys fully in only five minutes. Now that’s luxury you just can’t beat.



Perhaps the most classic form of luxury travel there is, limos have been seen in history’s most iconic celebrity moments, with Hollywood starlets of the 60s taking stretches to all the swankiest LA events.


Nobody wants to be seen driving up to the latest red carpet event in anything less than the best. Hiring a limousine gives you all the privacy and ease of taxi journey, with all the added luxury of your living room. In today’s lavish society, limousines can come equipped with videogame consoles, widescreen televisions and even a full bar.


Jason Segel and Kristen Bell attend the ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ premiere in style.