There’s Nothing More Delicious Than This $1200 Gold Leaf Cupcake

Twinkies are good, and so is ice cream cake, but there’s a lot that goes into what we’d consider a tasty treat – like gold. Check out this gold leaf cupcake on display in London!

It’s the world’s most expensive cupcake, with a price tag of a halting $1,200. The cupcake was unveiled in London during National Cupcake Week, an event hosted by the Food Network UK.

What makes this cupcake so expensive is the fact that it’s wrapped in a 24-karat gold leaf and contains Hawaiian AA flavored cake, which holds a center filled with chocolate and a peach/champagne jam.

Yeah, super fancy, huh? The coolest part about this cupcake is the bird, which is perched atop a gold twig and leaf. Check out the photo of the world’s most expensive cupcake roped off below.