Top 10 Strip Clubs – American Edition

There nothing red-blooded American men love more than their beer, their football and their strippers. Heck, if they could combine all three, they’d indulge in a sudsy, pigskin-tossing game with bikini-clad, stiletto-sporting ladies. Since that fantasy is yet to become a reality, however, men have had to rely on the tried-and-true strip clubs of America to get their rocks off.

Check out the following list to see which American strip clubs are worthy of writing home about — although no words would do any of them justice.

10. Olympic Garden

Las Vegas, Nevada

Some dancers are better at taking your money than others, thus, we introduce you to the lovely ladies of Olympic Garden. However, most patrons will admit that the trip down is worth every penny (even if you leave with an empty wallet).

9. Mons Venus

Tampa, Florida

Tampa’s Mons Venus is not to be missed when heading anywhere south, let alone Florida. At any given time, literally hundreds of babes are shaking their tailfeathers in this joint.

8. Rick’s

New Orleans, Louisiana

Rick’s is viewed by many as the McDonald’s of da business; when Rick decided to open shop, men rushed to it like it was a calling from above.

7. Spearmint Rhino

Las Vegas, Nevada

With more women than there are colors in the world, this Rhino of a club is renowned for having adult stars grace its stage. Classy yet flashy, the Spearmint Rhino is just one of Vegas’ great strip joints.

6. Baby Dolls

Dallas, Texas

Dallas likes its babes, and fewer places rock Texas like Baby Doll’s on the North West Highway. How much does it rock? Well, how does seven women on stage at once sound? An AM reader (who will remain anonymous) swears by this place: “Michael Irvin’s favorite spot, so you know it has to be good.”

5. Scores

New York City, New York

Surely Scores will let you down, but only because Howard Stern has built this joint up more than he has built himself up. Stern or no Stern, this place makes the list, but you’ll need to show up with your savings.

4. Cheetahs

Las Vegas, Nevada

Many AM readers named Cheetah’s as the best club in the world. You get everything you would elsewhere at this strip club, but what you also get here that is a little special is that rare “rock star” treatment men cherish.

3.Gold’s Cup

Houston, TX
Dark and moody, Houston’s finest gals (and we all know how many babes proliferate through this city and great state) rock your world from the instant you walk in. Very little hype, pure substance.

2. Club Paradise

Las Vegas, Nevada

By far the classiest strip club in the great state of Nevada, Club Paradise is great for everything, including seeing naked ladies.

1. Crazy Horse Too

Las Vegas, Nevada

The epitome of debauchery: Extremely fine babes strutting their stuff and loving every second of it makes for some very interesting nights.