The New Money Millionaires Under 20


Time has been rapidly changing and there are new entrepreneurs establishing themselves in business at a very fast rate. These people who have been making progress quickly to succeed with their entrepreneurship ideas are often referred to as New Rich. A lot people take long time to market their products or entrepreneurship ideas and it is almost in their old age when they see it being successful. But some people have borne nature to succeed quickly with their ideas and beliefs that they use in their business. The world today has seen such young people who already have made millions and billions of money at a very young age. All the credit goes to their ideas and the hard work they put in. It is all about getting dedicated and coming up with some uniqueness that could attract a lot of people from different parts of the world at what they run so that it can succeed and market properly.
There are some average teenagers who make your perceptions change regarding the way they manage, delegate and make use of their huge bank accounts. They even have started their first job at a very tender age where most of the children play or enjoy their early part of life.

Let us take a look at the 7 millionaires under 20 and how they succeeded with what they started!

1. Tyler Dikman


Total Net Worth: $3.2 Million

Tyler Mickman is one of the youngest millionaires who started his first business 13 years ago in the year 2000. Internet had not made great progress though during that time. But it was Dikman who started a company called Cooltronics that taught people about several virus protection measures for their computer. His ideas went viral throughout the world and a lot of people subscribed to his business which made him easy for its advertising to make himself a young millionaire. His tutorials, lessons and products received a lot of positive reviews in a quick time. Today his total net worth is $3.2 millions and is growing more every day.

2. Cameron Johnson


Total Net worth: $3.2 Million

Cameron Johnson started his first work at the age of 9 in the year 1994 by selling invitation cards which gave him the money to start his own business company called the Cheers and Tears. Cheers and Tears was itself a great name to leave an impression on several high ranked people. He got engaged with a lot of projects and by the age of 15, he was already making over $400,000 a month. He also ranks one of the fastest money making young entrepreneurs in the world. He also owns the same worth of money as Dikman with over $3.2 million.

3. Ashley Qualls


Total Net Worth: $8 Million

Ashley Qualls started her first business lending $8 as a loan from her mother to start a website called She soon then rode the internet with her website that gave different HTML tutorials and different MySpace themes to make her a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. She updated the site on a regular basis that made people engaged to learn several new lessons and ideas regarding making websites and themes. Qualls business raised his total worth to $8 millions just with her website that helped people gaining ideas regarding HTML and different themes.

4. Juliette Brindak


Total Net worth: $15 Million

Juliet Brindak is yet another famous name in the internet who owns the Miss O and Friends website. She built it together with her friends when she was just at the age of 10. The website gathered interest from people around the globe with several games, quizzes and gossips included in the website. People came to her site to discuss different issues, play games and enjoy quizzes on several interesting categories. A recent improvement has been brought with the Miss O and Friends bookline where she herself is the CEO and editor of the website. She is supposed to have around $15 million worth of money.

5. Farrah Grey

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Total Net Worth: $20 Million

Farrah Grey is also the youngest person to have owned a Wall Street Office. Just at the age of 6, Grey started selling body -lotions and founded Farr-Out Food at the age of 13. The Farr- Out food became really famous in no time and just within an year the company received orders over $1.5 million. He was just aged 14 when he made his first million. Today he is supposed to have $20 million net worth of money in total.

6. Adam Hildreth


Total Net Worth: $50 Million

Adam Hildreth is a person engaged in social networks. He started his website which he called Dubit in the year 1999 when he was just 14 years old. The website became one of the most widely used social networking platform for over 5 years and it was in 2005 when it ranked first in the world with total worth of over $3.5 million. Gradually several other social networking websites came that replaced Dubit. However, he just did not stop in making website but founded several other businesses that makes him one of the richest person in the United Kingdom now. Crisp thinking is one of his latest venture that raises his total worth to $50 million.

7. Sean Belnick

Total Net Worth: $59 million

Sean Belnick is one of the youngest person to own a retailer website called He started it with furniture worth $500 from his own bedroom. He made his warehouse in the year 2004 and just in five years the warehouse became large to cover 702,000 square feet of space. His furniture got sole at a quick rate and by the end of the year 2011, he made sales of worth $80 million. Today, his net worth is %59 million.

These people are a source of inspiration to everyone in the world.

With several small ideas, people can grow their business easily and earn a lot of money. Their stories encourage people that starting a business does not just depend on the age but with a right entrepreneurship idea and proper planning. I hope you all got some motivation from them and will soon be looking to get yourself started with a plan that you develop to succeed quickly. And may be in the days to come, we may write your story and share it with the world!