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Michael Jordan Once Again Prove’s OG Status

The G.O.A.T. has a private jet; and he used to have it resemble his old North Carolina Tar Heel colors. It looked like this. Its classy, has the Jumpman on the back to show status.  But it doesn’t show O.G. Status.  At least that what we think MJ was thinking when he superpimped out his…

Top 10 Most Expensive Items Ever Sold On Ebay


When someone wants to get money for their old iPhone or a used textbook, eBay is the place to go. The multinational auction-style website lets users put their possessions up for auction or make bids on other sellers’ items, all with the simple click of a button. Founded in 1995, and based out of San…

Donald Trump – 10 Tips For Success


Donald Trump? Love him or hate him? It really doesn’t matter how you feel about him. A real estate mogul and billionaire, he is also the owner of trump plaza and host of the NBC series, The Celebrity Apprentice. Born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York and is at the ripe age of…

Sex Toys For The Elite

Luxury Living

It’s very obvious that sex brings tons of excitement to life and relationships and over the years things have changed when it comes to switching things up in the bedroom. Nowadays we have so many different sex toys for your average person to experience with but what if you had all the money in the…

The Most Expensive Strain In The World


Somewhere, in some deep, dank corner of the internet, word leaked about the best marijuana strain in the world: Oracle. This strain has a whopping 45% THC, which for scale, is almost double the 20% found in all other high-THC strains. Not only is it unbelievably strong, it has an unbelievably short life cycle, about…

10 Of The Most Ultimate Spring Break Destinations


When it comes to having the ultimate spring break, choosing the location is key. According to The Atlantic, nearly 40 percent of college students travel for spring break, spending almost $1 billion in Florida and Texas alone. Spring break is not just a time for a little rest and relaxation, it a time for people…

Dangerous Outdoor Trips That Will Empty Your Wallet

Luxury Living

Why would you want to visit dangerous places on your holiday? The answer is very simple: for the adrenalin rush and pristine beauty of the place. These holiday getaways cash in millions in tourist money. They are hard to access, meaning that agencies offering guided tours can charge as much as they want for lending…

New York City’s Ultimate Bachelor Pad Is Listed At $50 Million


Not looking to settle down any time soon? Don’t need a kid proof apartment? Have $50 million to throw around? This pimped out Tribeca apartment could be exactly what you’re looking for. Listed at $50 million, this home has everything a young New York City playboy could ever want. It is fully furnished and ensures…

Top 5 Best LA Bachelor Pads


It’s officially Spring Time in Los Angeles and that means two things… 1. It’s not ‘freezing’ in LA  so we don’t need a chick anymore 2. Every single chick in the planet is coming to LA So break up with that random you’re with and upgrade to your first Bachelor PAD! We have listed our…

The Most Expensive Bottles of Water


Drink Up!!!! Water is the key to maintain youthfulness and longevity. Water is of major importance to all living organisms. Primarily, over 70% of the human adult body is plain water. According to experts, each day an average human must consume a certain amount of water to survive. Of course, the amount of consumption depends…

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Top Colleges For The Elite

10 Most Expensive Private Colleges in the United States Contrary to what many people may believe, schooling in the United States has never been cheap especially when you look at the costs of college education. The US News and World Report did release a report and do you know what it says? According to them,…

Top 10 Most Expensive Burgers


10 Most Expensive Burgers Burgers, knowing they are often served in fast food chains, are considered among the most budget-friendly snacks or meals anyone can get. However, the concept of gourmet burger buzzed in the food industry for years. Top restaurants started to promote their own versions of the famous food, giving birth to the…

Entrepreneur or Executive

The Path To Being Rich: Entrepreneur or Daily Executive?


Every one of you that is reading this article is looking for one thing: Success. We all strive to be successful, we all dream of being rich; it’s just part of our society now.  We want to drive the expensive rides, eating the most expensive food, and get treated with first class everywhere we go,…

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How To Launder Your Money The Right Way


Money Laundering is something commonly affiliated with the mob, but that’s not the only place you will find it being put to use. Money laundering is the act of hiding large sums of money to protect it from being taxed and monitored from government eyes. Its often a method used and involved with ‘dirty’ money,…