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Could Martin Shkreli Give Away His Wu Tang Album?

RZA: Wu-Tang Clan Member Says Martin Shkreli ‘Can Do What He Wants’ With Album He Bought “He bought it, he can do what he wants,” RZA told Bloomberg TV about Shkreli $2 million purchase of the album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin,” which exists as a single copy. What do you think?  After all…

Top 5 Diners in Las Vegas


This city stays open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you’re gambling, partying at the nightclubs or just have a hankering for a bite to eat at three in the morning, you can find it at one of these diners open all hours of the day in Las Vegas. 1. Café Bellagio…

The Airbus ACJ319 Is So Luxurious It Gives Your Lifestyle Wings


The Telegraph recently published a video asking, “Is the Airbus ACJ319 the most luxurious private jet in the world?” Though it’s hard to be objective and declare this magnificent plane to be so, the ACJ319 is a monumental aircraft in the world of private luxury air lining. Airbus ACJ319′s clientele alone proves that this is…

Top New Miami Condo – Giorgio Armani Resiences


In a collaboration with Dezer Development and Related Group, Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio is proud to present Residences by Armani/Casa, a collection of high-end condominiums conceptualized by internationally-acclaimed architect César Pelli, creator of the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. The 60-story waterfront tower—located at 18975 Collins Drive, Sunny Isles Beach, just north of Bal Harbour—will house…

Top 10 Luxury Cars Rappers Can’t Live Without


Bingo Bango Rappers love their cars and they spend MAJOR money on these machines. Here is our TOP 10 Luxury Cars Rappers Can’t Live Without 1. Rolls Royce $500K baby For a mere half a million you can see yourself cruisin in this beast. 2. Mercedes This car is only for the elite of elite….

Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction


1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Price Paid: $16,390,000 Sold: August 2011 at Monterey, Calif. Just this year, a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa was sold at the Gooding & Company auction during the Pebble Beach collector car extravaganza for $16,390,000, which is about $4 million more than the previous price record-setting Ferrari from two years…

10 Most Expensive Floating Hotels


There are many reasons why floating hotels are catching on around the world. Some might tell you that the floating hotel is the resort of the future. As global warming leads to an unforeseen rise in sea levels, vacations on over-water villas and bungalows may be the answer. Many of the floating properties covered in…

LA’s Best Bachelor Pad – Take A Tour


Few places rival Los Angeles when it comes to desirable living locations around the globe. With that being said, it’s no surprise why most of our favorite bachelor pads come from our neighbors, and the luxury 1525 Blue Jay Way property is the latest favorite added to the list. The quintessential bachelor pad, this stunning…

Where To Seal The Deal This VDAY (SINGLES ONLY)


So it’s Valentines Day… yes you’re single again for the second year in a row or maybe you’re officially single and just got dumped. Regardless of the situation if you’re a single you fuckin hate Valentines Day and the last thing you want to do is see couples making out at a restaurant. So for…

10 Tech Titans That Wooed Their Sweeties


You probably don’t think Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerbeg would have game? Would you? Probably not knowing our bets. Buying your lover 5 Million FB friends or the Apple Glasses simply won’t be up to standards for these geeky tech royals. Here are the top 10 Tech Titans that wooed their sweethearts:   1. Bill…


10 Most Expensive Mercedes

Bitches be Hatin…   Cars worth one million dollars are not expensive ones these days as the list provided includes the cars with over a one million dollar price. Powerful engines, expensive accessories, impressive performance and rich history are some of the reasons of their fanatically high price. Most of the owners of these limited…

7 Fridges That Put Yours To Shame


You may have traditional refrigerator in your house. However, you may be shameful after reading this article. There are about 7 fridges that can put your fridge to shame. These products are very popular because they have some advanced features and technologies. Many experts believe that these devices are very innovative in today’s world. You…

Gift Ideas For The One Percenters

Luxury Living

They own yachts, big ol’ French chateaux and collect fine wine, so what’s left to buy the one percenter for the holidays? We’re not talking fantasy gifts or ritzy dinning because, really, we can afford that. Here are some ways to please your moneybags, from one 99 percenter to another.   Multi-Tasking Wine Cabinet Buben…

12 Most Expensive Banksy Art Of All Time


  In the history of arts, we can never forget to mention the legendary Banksy who has ruled this industry for many years due to his remarkable artwork that have not only been the best in the US but other parts of the world. He is an excellent art expert in this field of drawing…

Good Day Lads… Wanna Know What Sports Rich People Play?

Latest WLTH

Ok, imagine this. You have a ton of money just sitting around, you’re bored, and you’re sick of playing ‘normal’ sports and want to do something you can brag to your old high school buddies. What can you say in a conversation that will wow them, aside from the fact that you’re incredibly loaded (and…

Surf The Sky Like a Superhero

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Have you ever dreamt of flying like Ironman or swimming like a dolphin? Well, dream no more. Flyboarding is a watersport that blows off your mind – literally! This is where Ironman meets Aquaman. A flyboard has an exhilarating, thrilling and invigorating experience one can only dream of. Flyboarding is something that you just have…

Secret Societies You Might Want To Join

Elite Groups

We all know the mentality:  Fuck college.  College is all about getting laid, work is about getting paid.  College life blows unless you are active and social, but that doesn’t necessarily transfers into success afterwards, right? We’ve all seen the secret society movies, and even that cheesy series with Joshua Jackson called The Skulls.  Hold…