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Dating in LA

Let’s Talk Sex.

What is the difference between a guy who is just keeping you around for the hell of it or a guy who is actually into you? I will be honest…I have no fucking idea. However, I will take some good swings at it. Lets start with if the guy isn’t taking you around his friends;…

Do Real Men Exist?

Dating in LA

I speak for all the ladies here in Los Angeles…especially in the Hollywood area. Where the fuck are the REAL men? I hate to break this to you all but they are most likely in a state very far away where their Friday nights are spent at the local bar with four people. No, I…


Dating in LA

HARD. I know what you’re thinking because I have a dirty mind also. That big hard…? Keep thinking…the big hard life of a single girl in the dating world. We all think hell ya…single and ready to mingle! Which for all the super bitter ex boyfriends…that period of your life happens to be fucking awesome….

Vegas or Bust.

Dating in LA

What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas. Right? Well…yes, unless you’re a guy and you don’t get laid. If that’s the case then you come back upset and wondering why the hell you didn’t get any pussy. Let’s be honest though…this rarely ever happens. That’s because it is in a man’s nature to get some action…

Awkward. Straight Awkward.

Dating in LA

Awkward. The word itself is literally fucking awkward…it happens to everyone once or twice. It actually could go really wrong or you can make the best of the situation. I personally have this happen all the time because I am so weird, awkward things happen to follow me everywhere that I go. I could start…

The Game

Dating in LA

The Game. Welcome to dating. It’s all a game…how long do you wait to text him back? When do you make him think that he isn’t your number one? There are tons of ways to go about this wonderful game that even if you say you don’t do it…you do. But why? Maybe it’s the…

Silent Treatment.

Dating in LA

The Silent Treatment: Yes, it is all capitals because this is an actual thing. Before I even get into why this even happens…let’s start off with a huge fuck off for all the idiots that think this is the way to solve a problem. If you have a problem be an adult and say something…

Power Of The Pussay

Dating in LA

Monay honay. Welcome to the city of angels… where money is most peoples number one concern. That cash can make many people happy but it also creates a huge controversy for your average asshole. For some reason the ladies strive to be with these men…now I kind of get it. They fly you everywhere, buy…

Do you juggle?

Dating in LA

Juggling. What comes to mind? A clown throwing a bunch of objects in the air…well yes, that is basically what I am going to talk about. Except, it involves us women and juggling these great men that hang around. Recently, the game has really stepped up. I usually go out with guys and within a…

C for Condom

Dating in LA

There is a big scary monster among us, he is a usually a night walker. Sometimes you can find him lingering around in the morning and sometimes he doesn’t come out at all. He comes in different sizes, colors, and even has different tastes! If your lucky enough he may make you tingle or feel…

Dating in LA

Fuck Buddy

Boys…please let me help you. One way to mess up a perfect fuck buddy situation is to disrespect the friendship. Even though you are just fucking, being a rude prick doesn’t make me want to come back for more. Plain and simple. There has to be some kind of boundaries so that no one feels…

No Boys Allowed

Dating in LA

Out with the girls…are your boy toys allowed? Let me share something with you…HELL NO. For a very good reason…one being that my girls are just about as wild as they come. I am not going to try and lie to myself and say that I am going to be on my best behavior, that’s…

Festival Fever

Dating in LA

Oh dear lord…the festivals! It starts with the diet, what to wear, where to stay, who do we fuck, and then how are we still alive? I am actually not sure how I am alive or anyone else is. However, I give every single one of us a huge round of applause! Success! Time for…

The Art Of Spooning

Dating in LA

Cuddling? Basically, the best thing ever invented and when your single…the hardest thing to find. Why is this? Because no guy wants to waste his time cuddling you…its supposed to be just fucking. Unless, one of your friends with benefits actually does want to just cuddle…then you might have a problem. You should probably run…


Dating in LA

Brian! That’s his name…the new boy toy. I haven’t actually hung out with him yet but we have been chatting it up and things are getting a bit weird for me. He has never even done anything with me or hung out with me and asked me for a “photo.” Lets be honest, we all…

Friends with Benefits… any takers?

Dating in LA

I am currently obsessed with friends with benefits. This is the best idea I have ever had…I am never doing sex any other way. It’s so casual and easy. Ladies, please do this! As long as you can handle throwing your emotions out the window, don’t be the baby who ruins this dream come true….

No Strings Attached?

Dating in LA

So my new question this week for all of you…no strings attached? No feelings involved. Just sex. How common is this? I actually think it is extremely common…not everybody wants to be tied down. So I have found a new man to add to my list…but he is one hundred percent only a boy toy…

Two Guys…One Girl

Dating in LA

Second date jitters! Yup…you heard me! I went on a second date with Henry or as I call him… Henry is still quite the charmer and just as good looking. He picked me up from my house and took me to an amazing dinner in Malibu that was right above the ocean, we talked…

Online Dating – Match Dot Com

Dating in LA

His name was Henry, he was apart of and was the perfect man. Normal job, good looking, great family, and just a down to earth guy but most of all liked long walks on the beach and believed in love. I wanted to kiss my computer when I saw his profile and I did,…

Top 5 Worse Car Modifications


We hate to go there but really we had no other option… Even if you have all the money in the world please don’t modify your cars like this. We have listed our Top 5 Worse Car Modifications!!! OH NO! Seriously Camo is never a good idea. Ever. Rule #1 Designer brands should never cover…

Dating in LA

After Doomsday aka VDAY

I need to apologize to all of you who read my last entry. Please allow me to slap myself in face! I DIDN’T GET LAID ON VALENTINES DAY! Yes, there is something wrong with me…I think I am unfuckable. I really tried to find a guy who was up to my standards and my standards…

I Hate Dating – F*ck You Cupid

Dating in LA

HAPPY MOTHA FUCKING VALENTINES DAY! Well…almost. For those of you who have a special someone, congrats! That’s amazing! You guys are going to go out to some over priced dinner, drink, and then go home and have boring sex. Unless, you just started dating then you might have great sex and you are very lucky!…

Wanna be my F*ck Buddy?

Dating in LA

I think I am going to find a new friend and my friend I mean…a guy who I sleep with when it’s necessary. I really need to be serious about this, I am over trying to find the perfect guy to date. I am also soooo over looking for guys to just fuck, I never…

Santa Barbara… You Make Me Wet

Dating in LA

Well, now that my dry humping days are over and done with…hopefully!   I think I need to take a break from this whole finding a boy toy thing and just do me. So I planned this girl’s night the other day with some of my best friends! Now these girls are not your average…

Dry Humping… Thoughts?

Dating in LA

Sooo… apparently there is this new thing I was introduced to… Dry humping (verb) •    Dry humping is the process of two people repeatedly moving up and down and back and forth on top of each other fully clothed ( or missing various pieces, but the penis must not come in contact with the vagina…

On To The Next…

Dating in LA

Well, after a good fuck. The New Year feels damn great… This whole about letting loose and not caring is really a good plan. I think I might go out tonight and find myself another piece of ass. No, just kidding…got to give the little girl down below a break! However, I do have some…

Happy Fucking New Years

Dating in LA

HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!! Damn, did I end two thousand thirteen with a bang! Literally though, I finally went on a second date with my hot construction boy and that was the best idea I ever had. I hope you guys are ready for some serious insight on how a real date should go down!…

I HATE DATING – A Christmas Story

Dating in LA

Oh dear…the holidays, just shoot me now. Being single during this time of the year has to be one of the worst things you can do to yourself. All of you cute happy cheery couples, seriously, go fuck yourselves! Oh and not to mention going to your families parties and they keep asking you when…


Dating in LA

Yay! Guess who has a date? This girl right here… With my sexy construction boy that I met in the parking lot. There is something to say about a guy that wears dirty jeans…I haven’t even been on the date yet and he sounds like the sweetest guy EVER. Skylar, invited me to a Bar…

I Hate Dating – Market Pursuit

Dating in LA

Here I am, Target. This place isn’t as bad as everyone thinks…they have great deals! Everyone knows that you can’t leave for under one hundred dollars, its just not possible. I am shopping for my weekly meals and maybe something special…like a new shirt or some sexy new bras. Hahaha, just kidding…this is about dating….