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And The Worlds Most Expensive Car Is…..

Cars are a way of life.  Hip hop artists always bragged about the Benz. Then of course the ERA of the Maybach came into play, started by Rick Ross. But now it’s time to get serious.  Bugatti’s definitely stepped it up a notch for speed (not comfort). So what tops a Bugatti, you ask? A…

Let’s Talk About Sex.

Dating in LA

SEX. Happens to be one of the most important things in a relationship…am I wrong? If the sex sucks at some point, it all sucks. Sorry, but boys and girls…step your game up. You want to be the best they have ever had…and sadly, if you not at some point then you become boring. Be…

10 Best Gifts To Get Laid


Gentleman, it’s that time of year again: ugly sweater parties, girls in Santa hats carrying mistletoe, and, unfortunately, crowded stores. But chill out, because I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to getting your longtime babe, regular slampiece, or new mistress exactly what she wants. Here are the Top 10 Best Gifts To Get Laid 1….

I Hate Dating – It’s A Trap! Nerd Alert!!!

Dating in LA

Who loves nerdy men? Smart, intelligent, and makin’ that paper. Mhmmmmm…well, let me share my night with you. I was sitting at a local bar and this super sexy man keeps giving me looks from across the bar. The nerd glasses and the “I am kind of dressed up but not” look is a total…