No Boys Allowed

Out with the girls…are your boy toys allowed?


Let me share something with you…HELL NO.

For a very good reason…one being that my girls are just about as wild as they come. I am not going to try and lie to myself and say that I am going to be on my best behavior, that’s impossible. It starts out with a drink and then it ends with seven fireball shots, your man looks like a lost puppy, and then your night goes to shit.

Welcome to my Friday night…take my advice.

Separate your “only sex” from your wild and crazy girls nights. Boy toys are used for one thing and one thing only…don’t mix anything else in there because then you might have some feelings floating around. Which reminds me…my best fuck buddy…BEST, asked me if I wanted to come over so that he could make me dinner.


Has he lost his mind…last time I checked I washed all my feelings down the toilet and then I washed your invitation to have dinner down the fucking drain.


Time to leave this situation. Bye Felicia.


Now I am very aware that one person always ends up developing feelings…but why is that? Is it something that I am doing right or wrong? I am going to be completely honest with you all…is has NOTHING to do with that. The person who walks away clean from a friend’s with benefits is usually the person who just doesn’t give a fuck. In a normal dating scenario this would be the person who is playing hard to get. However, the shitty thing is just because your not actually dating doesn’t mean this feeling of losing someone isn’t still there…sooo basically we are all fucked and the only way to get around this is to find someone who is just as much of a jerk as you are. When you find that person it will be so damn perfect…you will never hear from them and the sex will be amazing. Sooner or later you will realize this person is the male version of yourself and you will be the best of fuck buddies and hopefully never fall in love. I always talk about never falling in love because most guys are huge assholes but if you fall in love with your best friend…fuck them and marry them. Then you will live happily ever after in sex land with your BFF for life! That may or may not be the last time you hear me talk about love…

I am going to go throw up now to get that fucking gross taste out of my mouth.


Have a good day beauties.

Your favorite LA secret. Xoxo 😉