The Game

The Game.


Welcome to dating.


It’s all a game…how long do you wait to text him back?


When do you make him think that he isn’t your number one?

There are tons of ways to go about this wonderful game that even if you say you don’t do it…you do. But why?

Maybe it’s the thrill or the fact that you feel like you’re the one in charge…who knows.

The real question is it worth it?


Personally, I think its up to the person doing it. If you want to a little fucking player and fuck with the girl that you “like” and swap chicks in and out…chances are you probably don’t even like her.

This goes both ways…ladies, if you are fucking around with your man and bringing other guys around…leading them all on. None of them are making you happy enough…unless, you love the game and you want this life. Please, play away little hookers. Let me know when you are lonely and need some help on how to be real. If you are actually into dating someone and just having a good time…no expectations and just enjoying someone else’s company…listen up. If you want to see them, just fucking tell them.

If you are having a great time them…for god sake just sack up and tell them!


Don’t be all weird and emotional because you might scare them off and sound like a crazy but just be real. Nowadays, all we have in this so-called city of angels is a bunch devil’s that go around faking their lives and who they really are. Don’t fall into that trap…and this is not a trap to get you into a relationship.

This is what we call life…you hangout with someone in hopes that they are cool and everything goes well and who knows, maybe you end up with that person. Or you hang with someone and you find out something you don’t like and then you move on and try again. There is nothing wrong with testing out your waters…you need to find out what you like and what you want.

With that being said…being a fucking little hooker or player is only going to get you a bad reputation and zero relationship skills. That way when you do find that person you like…good luck getting them to stay around because your going to be the person they find something wrong with and leave your ass.

It will be bye bye to you and hello to the next one.


Get on out there and use those skills to find ya a good one…just hope they don’t turn into a stage five clinger or an emotional wreck.

Isn’t dating fun? :p


Your favorite LA secret. Xoxo 😉