I know what you’re thinking because I have a dirty mind also.

That big hard…?


Keep thinking…the big hard life of a single girl in the dating world. We all think hell ya…single and ready to mingle!

Which for all the super bitter ex boyfriends…that period of your life happens to be fucking awesome.

So sorry we aren’t sorry.


However, about six months after we are all done having fun we start to get a little bored. Those super awesome long party nights where you don’t remember your first name get pretty old. All that sitting on the couch and watching the same movies all alone start to actually become lonely…which is odd because being alone was the only thing you wanted for so long. Sooner or later your going to end up dating someone…and now comes the HARD part.

Dating sounds like a fucking blast but it actually sucks more than making your bed after you forgot to make your bed and you get home after drinking…and then end up sleeping on your mattress using your sheets for pillows.

Yup, fuck that.


Lets take a little dip into this subject…are they quiet, talk a lot, smell, loud, too nice, jerks, bad in bed, annoying, small dick, way to big of a dick, or maybe they are actually fucking perfect and it makes you want to vomit. That just begins the list of all the things you could potentially run into. There are a million red flags when dating someone that everyone should know because its common sense but the things we take for granted are the things we should be happy about it. For example, a guy who isn’t a psycho and isn’t blowing up your phone all day or trying to have a “what are we” talk after the first few dates. It’s actually OK to have a normal chill person in your life. One of the most cherished things in a relationship is having your own life, and then being able to separate that and indulge in each other to relieve all the stresses that come from everyday life.

Do not be afraid of a guy who is confident enough to actually let you live your own life.


If a man tries to control you…well, you can just swish that boy right outside the door and he can kiss that ass goodbye. Now…lets get to the most important part of dating and one of the HARDEST things to find out in the open. Having chemistry, passion, love, like, timing, and your best friend all in one are nearly impossible but good dick is even scarcer. You know what they say…and its true. GOOD DICK WILL IN PRISON YOU.

TRUTH. Good luck ladies.


This is literally HARD to find.


May the odds be forever in your favor. 😉


Your favorite LA secret. Xoxo 😉