Let’s Talk About Sex.



Happens to be one of the most important things in a relationship…am I wrong?

If the sex sucks at some point, it all sucks.


Sorry, but boys and girls…step your game up.

You want to be the best they have ever had…and sadly, if you not at some point then you become boring. Be aggressive because we all know what the other sex likes and wants and it’s to hit that spot every time. Here comes the tricky part…most cant figure out where the fucking spot is or how to even get to that point.


Get with the program!

Unless, you’re twenty then you have NO fucking excuse.

Now you can always tell the person how and what to do…but that can be awkward because your basically telling them that they don’t know what they are doing and suck.


Get your shit together, find your balls or your vagina and make it work on your own.
Pull your head out of your ass and Google it if you really need that much information…otherwise, you may just find yourself alone.

Shitty right?


Its sad to say that sex is that big of a deal but think about it for a second…being nice goes really far and I appreciate all the nice men out there but that only lasts so long.

Sooner or late your girl is going to want you to throw her up against the wall and pull her hair and if you cant step up your game. You get thrown in the “he is boring” box…which is where most nice guys end up.

The assholes are always the ones that turn you on the most…but fuck those guys, use them and dump them. You don’t want to marry that because he will be sticking his member all over your neighborhood and acting like he is an angel.

Fuck that.

Listen up…we all want to have great sex with a good guy but the reality of that happening is slim to none. If you actually come across that…hold on tight my loves. Chances are you wont…so find yourself a nice man with nice big friends between his legs and teach him how to use it. Don’t be scared, step up to the plate and tell him what you want and how you want it.

Train that fucking dog.


Power of the pussy.

Your favorite LA secret. Xoxo 😉