Power Of The Pussay

Monay honay.


Welcome to the city of angels…

where money is most peoples number one concern. That cash can make many people happy but it also creates a huge controversy for your average asshole. For some reason the ladies strive to be with these men…now I kind of get it. They fly you everywhere, buy you fancy things, pay for your life…but what are you to them?

A nice piece of ass.


Most likely you will last a few months and they will trade you in for some barely legal girl who is just as willing as you are. So let me say this real short and sweet. Fuck you to all you who think money can buy you happiness…this goes for the both sexes. Girls, please don’t get sucked into this. You want to go on cool trips and be spoiled…whatever, do your thing but be on top of your game.

You control it…power of the pussy.


You leave when you want to leave not when the new young girl catches his attention. Make them work that sweet ass and spend that money on something that is worth it.

Don’t let them control the game…fuck the douche bags and pricks.


Show them what actually makes happiness…a badass bitch that knows what she is worth and strong enough to walk away when necessary. Now to focus on all of you selfish men who think they can walk on fucking water. Please, study the word humble and learn to how to be it. I can understand how fucking chicks on the regular who are half your age and flying around the world drinking like a fish is fun…but when does it stop?

It doesn’t.

You’re going to be eighty years old in your living room staring at the wall…alone. All because you thought that being a dick would work out for you…how do you think that dick is going to feel when you have no one to fuck? Its going to feel very sad because some day all the girls are going to realize what your about and you aint going to get anymore pussay. You’re going to be old and shriveled up to get the young ones.

Please boy’s….don’t take this the wrong way. Do your thing.

Fuck the chicks. Fly around the world. Live the life.


But when you find that special girl…don’t be afraid to make her partner in crime.

Don’t lose the diamond…while in search for a little bit of glitter.



Your favorite LA secret. Xoxo. 😉