Do Real Men Exist?

I speak for all the ladies here in Los Angeles…especially in the Hollywood area.


Where the fuck are the REAL men?


I hate to break this to you all but they are most likely in a state very far away where their Friday nights are spent at the local bar with four people.

No, I am kidding…we actually do have some real men around here but they are very hard to find.

Let me start off with DO NOT look at nightclubs…these places are usually filled with your assholes who think the world revolves around them and their fedora hat.


Oh and they most likely don’t have a car, an apartment, or a job.

Stay away from bars in Hollywood as well…they are filled with guys who think they are going to be The Beatles or who are coming off of drugs. Do you get it yet? DO NOT go looking for your next man in Hollywood…go there to look hot with your girlfriends, get drunk off some rich guy who is twenty years older than you, and then go home and eat taco bell because its bomb, bad, and you wont remember it.

If your looking for a good man the truth is you need to venture outside of this fucked up area…the beach cities are a good place to start.

Newport Beach is known to have the world’s most eligible bachelors…start there.


These guys most likely have jobs and wont fuck your friends. My BEST advice to every girl and guy out there is stop giving a fuck about finding the perfect person for you. No one is perfect and perfect is boring. You should just do you and enjoy your life…when you least expect it the right person will come along and change your life.

Ugh that was so romantic for me…ew.


I’m sorry.

But really…fuck everyone else…especially the asshole boys.

DO YOU and make yourself happy and good things will happen to you.

Just stay away from Hollywood when in search for prince charming. 😉


Your favorite LA secret. 😉 xoxo