Silent Treatment.

The Silent Treatment:


Yes, it is all capitals because this is an actual thing.

Before I even get into why this even happens…let’s start off with a huge fuck off for all the idiots that think this is the way to solve a problem. If you have a problem be an adult and say something about it…instead of holding onto it like a little pussy. Clearly, I am a little upset about this and that’s because I have recently started dating a really awesome guy. Except, he has this very large stick up his ass that likes to ruin things every once in a while…it makes zero sense. He gets mad about something, doesn’t say why, silent treatment for about a week, and then poof he makes an appearance in my vagina. I don’t really know what it is that I do to piss him off but whatever it is…its about to ruin his chances of ever getting laid again. Boys, please sack up and become men before you fuck up every dating situation for the rest of your life.


No girl wants to be with a baby who cries over nothing and acts like a little bitch…this silent treatment needs to end.

A few tips from someone who has been around a few times…when you first start dating, there are these things called red flags. When you see one waving around in your face that says

“huge cry baby”


you tend to run for the fucking hills and never look back. So please take my advice and if your mad about something…you say it and then you solve it. Bottom line. It’s easy and it will end much better for you. With that being said…

George, go fuck your self and take your silly idiot attitude somewhere else. This girl doesn’t want it and I can promise you that no one else wants it either. Unless, you find someone who is just as crazy as you are. In that case, the two of you can live happily ever after in Silent Ville while you twiddle your thumbs, stare at the wall, and don’t fuck for a week just to do it again next month.

You are going to have a great life together.

Good luck.


Your favorite LA secret. Xoxo 😉