Vegas or Bust.

What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas.




Well…yes, unless you’re a guy and you don’t get laid.


If that’s the case then you come back upset and wondering why the hell you didn’t get any pussy. Let’s be honest though…this rarely ever happens. That’s because it is in a man’s nature to get some action especially when on a guy’s trip. Let’s hope that’s not the case for all girls in relationships… so let’s focus on the “single” men.

Your average male is going look for the weak link in the group and he knows that there is one. A chubby girl, a hurt girl, a slut, or the hot one with daddy issues…whichever it may be the guys seem to find one of them. If she looks a little upset and is alone in the corner because she had too much to drink…I would watch her because sooner or later a guy is going to be hugging her and making her feel better all the way back to his bedroom.


I am talking to all the “single” guys (parenthesis because your all a bunch of little whores) who go for bad quality.

Why? Is it because you know your going to get laid?


Because the high quality hot and happy girls wont fuck you…that’s sad. Quite honestly…you are just not good enough for those girls. The bottom line is that if you were of good quality you wouldn’t need to get laid in Vegas because you aren’t that desperate. You would be going there to have a good time with your buddies and if you happen to meet a cool chick and you hit it off then so be it…those guys always end up with good quality girls. This past weekend I was with eight girls and no one went with expectations…everyone came back untouched besides our one desperate and not hot girlfriend.

In fact…I didn’t even get hit on.


Do I look like a bitch?

Chances are that’s not the case and that I just don’t look like a little slut that is going to fuck you for one night so that you can get some strange and then go home to your fiancé and tell her what a good boy you were. If you can’t tell yet…this is a vicious cycle AKA bad quality sticks with bad quality. Sorry, but its true. If that’s your thing…then hey, more power to you. I promise that you will come to a point in your life when you may want a good girl and she will be sitting right next to you at a Vegas pool party giving you zero attention because she can see right through your bullshit.

Nobody wants left over trash.


Take your trash talk to the dump yard on the other side of you…she is more on your level.


Your favorite LA secret. xoxo