Top Paying Jobs for 2014

The financial climate is evolving, so it’s intriguing to take a look each year at the highest paying tasks!

If you are completely ready and young to get involved in something, it is time to take a look at the highest paid tasks in the world, there are a lot of opportunities available around the globe and. Should you prefer a job , you must do it with passion, and also you gotta love it, because you don’t want to operate for the rest of your life within a domain that you do not like, i believe that. So, choose intelligently.

Here’s the top 10 for 2014!



10. Natural Sciences Manager

These people job a lot and they also have a big responsibility. But, funds will come quickly. They supervise different fields, like science or agriculture. A natural research manager can earn up to $100,000.


9. Marketing Manager


They are in command of studying opportunities for an organization or promotional promotions to ensure that the business is continuously driving income. These people may need to handle the media plus they must bring an optimistic image to the firm they work for. The salary is up to $100,000.


8. Info and Computer Systems Manager

These people are aware of the details of anything regarding it, software, and laptop or computer development and it’s not a simple task. One of their largest responsibilities is so that the safety of all files and records, especially the ones that contain top rated secret information along with other confidential information about the corporation. You must work lots of hours per day in face of a pc which is not that basic. Take care of your eyes and back. The highest paid for managers in this field earn over $100,000.

7. Air Traffic Controller

If you want to become an air traffic controller you have to know that it’s no easy journey. You’ll have a lot of duties. With a lot of stress, becoming responsible for everything that happens in the air these people can earn over $130,000.

6. Lawyer

From copyright laws, notary general public, entertainment laws, and many more, they must handle many different situations. Which why, they are really compensated a lot. In fact, the highest paid lawyer obtains up to $130,000.

5. Dental care Surgeon

These people don’t have necessarily a difficult practical task. Nonetheless, they are one of the maximum paid in the world as well as the salary is growing year by year. The highest paid dental physician receives up to $132,000. Needless to say, you must pass a great deal of exams, years of rigorous studies and classes before to be able to practice. This is my fantasy, and I hope it would become real sooner or later!

4. Airline Aircraft pilots

Because there are a lot of things being predicted from a pilot, aircraft pilots are so searched nowadays. They have a huge responsibility for all the passengers and they have to know how to manage advanced technologies via their computer techniques. Depending on the airline by which they work for, these pilots can gain up to $135,000.

3. Engineering Managers

These people are in charge of production, research and design related actions in a company. They likewise have complex knowledge on various areas inside a business. Thus, they are paid up to $140,000.

2. ( CEO ) Chief Executive Officers

CEO’s would be the maximum ranking officers in almost any company. Their primary responsibility will be to produce good results. They are in-control of everything that takes place in a company. Normally, those people who are working for multinational firms earn a lot and receive up to $140,000 for doing their task. Ask Emil relating to this, because he is our CEO , if you want additional information!
Being the CEO of any company is a huge responsibility and it usually means a lot of difficult working hours put in the development of the company. Taking into account the complete numbers they’re preventing for the 1st place, although the best paid out CEOs in the world are paid 7 or 8 figure yearly salaries and I would personally rank them on the #1 place!

1. Surgeons

We are all aware how hard is to become a doctor, especially when we are talking about doctors. That is why they are the first on our best ! Surgeons can consequently earn up to $180,000. Noises pretty good. Their process is as specialized because they spend years of understanding to acquire specific abilities in order to perform effective operations.

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