12 Most Expensive Banksy Art Of All Time



In the history of arts, we can never forget to mention the legendary Banksy who has ruled this industry for many years due to his remarkable artwork that have not only been the best in the US but other parts of the world. He is an excellent art expert in this field of drawing and paintings. He has been able to pass meaningful messages to the rest of the world through his work especially on the anti-capitalist, anti-war and anti-establishment. His work also can sometimes find subjects such as police officers, soldiers, rats, apes, elderly and even children. This has enabled him to the amongst the world personalities who recorded huge sales from his sales when compared to others in the entire world.



The following are the 12 Most Expensive Banksy Art Of All Time!


1. Keep It Spotless


This amazing art was sold for $1,870,000 making it the world most expensive piece of art that have ever been sold in the market during the Sotheby’s Charity auction. This art entered the Guinness books of records as the world most piece of art.

2. Simple Intelligence Testing

This is also another art that fetched a market value of $1,265,120 in the Sotheby’s sale. The art is another five-part oil placed on canvas work especially the chimpanzee that is undergoing intelligence test. This work is also in a five 36 inx36 in a canvas made in 2000 and it was his fifth canvas signed by him.

3. The Rude Lord


Another amazing piece or work that Banksy corrupted in his career and fetched a market value of $658,025 in the Sothebys sale. This oil on canvas was also taken to Thomas Beach, an English painter in the year 1776 making it another old painting work in the history of arts.

4. Vandalized Phone Box

This is one of famous sculptures of Banksy. Its Vandalized Phone Box has several pictures that makes amongst the best artwork in the history of painting. It was sold at $605,000 in south London the year 2008 making it another expensive piece of work that the legendary Banksy did in his career.


5. Space Girl and Bird

This work was initially commissioned in the year 2003 by Blur as a cover work for the album Think Tank. It was also made from the spray paint that was on the steel before made look amazing by fixing a small girl in a jacket with a yellow bird. This made it to be sold at $575,813 in the London auction at a price of $575,813 the year 2007.

6. Queen Victoria

Many people often think that the art annoyed the royal family without knowing the incredible amount of money that it fetched in the Sothebys sale. It was sold at a price of $478,095 making it the most expensive piece of art in the year 2008. The art had unique features that made it naturally look attractive during the auction show.

7. Insane Clown

This is another artwork that was made on a very large canvas that measures 99 1/4 in by 76 1/8 in. Its image was also spray painted on Hessian by a pencil to give it that unique appearance. He made this artwork in 2001. It also fetched a price of $481,165 during then Phillips de Pury Contemporary Art Evening Auction in the year 2008, London.

8. Laugh Now

This was another stencil spray paint on a painted board that he did in the year 2002. The work was also commissioned by Brighton nightclub to generate a mural for many Ocean Rooms. It had 3 main parts each measuring 6m in length at the same time covering an entire wall. It was sold 2008 for a total of $449,349.

9. David

It is life size statue that was made from fiberglass. Banksy appears to have made the art as another tribute to the Michelangelo’s prominent statue of David. He added his amazing personal touch to make it look amazing for the jackpot he anticipated. They auctioned it at Sothebys in London by fetching $416,742

10. Landscape

This is an oil spray paint on a canvas that was framed on a 19 3/4 in x 23 5/8 inch canvas in gilt frame. Banksy contributed this artwork to RED charity auction that was held in New York at Sothebys the year 2008 where it fetched a price of $385,000.

11. Warning Sign

One of the more controversial art pieces by street artist Banksy. He redid his depiction of the twin towers and it fetched a price of $361,199.

12. Pie Face

 ‘Pie Face’ by Banksy is a clear mockery of the old fashioned portraits of the upper class that the artist works to oppose. Sold at Sotheby’s London in 2007  for 192K GBP.

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