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10 Most Expensive Private Colleges in the United States


Contrary to what many people may believe, schooling in the United States has never been cheap especially when you look at the costs of college education. The US News and World Report did release a report and do you know what it says? According to them, the costs of schooling in top 10 expensive schools is seven times more than fees paid in 10 least expensive universities in America. They published the list of 10 most expensive private schools and Columbia University topped the list. This institution which many people respect charges more than $45,000 as tuition costs for current academic year. For more tit bits about the top 10 most expensive colleges in America read on.

Holy FACKKKK… 45k in tuition!!! Sign me up!


1. Columbia University, New York’s Manhattan district


Founded in 1754, Columbia university is the most expensive private school in America. Found in Morningside Heights area it offers several graduate courses and three undergraduate programs. It prides itself for having people like Barack Obama, renowned songwriters like Hammerstein and Rodgers and actor Maggi Gyllenhaal as its alumnus. It charges $45,290 as tuition fees and has the highest freshmen retention rate and faculty students ratio of 6:1. More than three-quarter of classes have less than 20 students. And approximately half the full-time graduates receive $38,356 as scholarships.

2. Vassar College, Poughkeepsie


Off New York city, is a scenic suburban property that used to be a women’s college. This college sits on 1000 acres in Hudson valley and close to a quarter of the enrolled 2446 students take social science courses. It boasts of high student faculty ratio of 8:1 and charges $44,705 as tuition fees second only to Columbia University. It retains 96% of students and 62.5 % of classes have less than 20 students. $ 36,353 is offered in scholarships.

3. Trinity College, Hartford Connecticut


This college charges a tuition fee of $44.070 for the year 2011-2012. It is a popular liberal arts college formed in 1823 and currently has a population of 2331 students with same number of male and females. 63% of classes have less than 20 students and the student-faculty ratio stands at 10:1. 91% of students prefer to stay at the college and only 44.1 percent of students can get scholarships where a sum of $36,812 is awarded.

4. St. John’s College


Though with a measly population of 463 students, St John’s college covers for that in terms of costs. Situated in Annapolis Maryland, it is the fourth most expensive private college in America where tuition and other fees account to $44,056 boarding and room not included. The college has a low student retention rate and at 83% it lags behind the first three institutions. The student faculty ratio stands at 7:1.

5. Connecticut College


This co-ed college in New London Connecticut comes fifth as the most expensive private schools and is considered the best institution for students who like road-trips. The 1887 students that enroll at the college for the year 2010-2011 pay $43990, board and room not included. Only 48.1% of students are considered for scholarships and receive $30.329 as financial aid.

6. Bucknell University


6th on the list, it has an enrollment of 3508 students for the year 2011-2012 with male to female ratio of 49:51. Sitting in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania it was started in 1846 and sits on 445 acres on the rural fringes of Lewisburg. $43886 is charged as tuition fees and students who need scholarships are considered on need-based capacity. Those who qualify for grants receive $22,300. In this popular liberal arts college, student faculty ration stands at 10:1

7. Bard College, Simon’s Rock


This small private college sits on more than 210 acres in Great Barrington Massachusetts with an enrollment of 380 students for the current academic year. Bard College at Simon’s Rock levies $43840 on students and has a student faculty ration of at 8:1. Approximately 78% of students like it there. Classes with less than 20 students accounts to about 94.3 %.

8. Wesleyan University, Middleton Connecticut


Founded in 1831, Wesleyan University a liberal arts college has students from within America and abroad . The student faculty ratio stands at 9:1 and 47.7% of students get financial aid. At 95.5% it boast of the best student retention rate and Psychology is the most popular course. Students also like courses like Political Science, Literature, English Language and Economics. Annual fees amount to $43,674.

9. Tulane University New Orleans, Los Angeles


Of all the expensive private colleges, it is the biggest with 7803 full-time graduands. The student retention rate is at 89.2% while student faculty ratio stands at 11:1. And as figures put it 75% of students were able to meet their financial needs with financial aid given covering only $25644 of the total $43,434 tuition fees. 44% percent students who board pay extra fees and 66.8% of classes contain less than 20 students. Most students like the experience at the institution.

10. Carnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburgh, PA


At number 10 is Carnegie Mellon University founded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1900. The institution is over a century old and most students studying there board paying $ 43396 tuition fees exclusive of boarding charges. An average of $ 24,819 is given out as financial aid to 49.3% percent of students. At 95.2 the college has the strongest student retention rate. Popular courses include Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


So basically after all this chit chat… I want to go Columbia… End of Story.