The Geodesic Aviator Villa That Will Blow Your Mind


Designed by Urban Office Architecture, this extremely modern, one-of-a-kind home in upstate New York was inspired by flight, in honor of the recently retired pilot it was built for.


The geometric structure features wild angular lines, eliciting an insane and massive abstract sculpture. Flanked by a sparkling lake on one side and a swimming pool on the other, the awe-inspiring home features soaring ceilings of 30 to 40 feet. Its sunny living room and kitchen could easily pass for the atrium of an art museum.


Situated directly above its library is the residence’s cantilevered master suite–a luminous, floating sleep pod, only accessible via a staircase that also grants access to a smattering of small, open-air spaces contained within stunning geodetic windows.



The estate’s parking space–roomy enough to house a few autos and storage–emulates a small airplane hangar, taking the entire aviation-theme one step further.