Honda Departs its Creation of the Luxurious “HondaJet”

Honda veers away from its typical mid-income target demographic with its creation of the “HondaJet,” a plush private aircraft designed to tickle the fancies of millionaires instead of that of average Joes.


The luxe jet—which was initially brought to the table as a multimillion dollar experiment in 2003—will carry up to six passengers and cut through the sky at 420 miles per hour. It sports an innovative new layout that was specially designed to free up additional space inside the plane’s cabin.


Likely to be priced around $4.5 million, the jet will be the first on the market to tout a new-style engine: its turbofans rest on pedestals that rise from the wings, in comparison to smaller jets that have their engines situated on their backs.


According to the Japanese automaker, the “HondaJet” is in its final stages of production, and is set to launch sometime next year.