Luxurious Ways To Travel

Luxurious Ways To Travel


Let’s have a look at some of the most opulent ways to travel


When embarking on a trip around the world, you have to do it in style and comfort.


You might be traveling by RV, car, train, plane or even yacht but your trip can turn out to be a luxurious experience.

Luxury, how do we define this? Luxury can be best described as opulence or superiority in quality.

Now let’s get crackin!

1. Train


Who said traveling by train is economical? Well it can be economical if you want it to but it also doubles up as one of the most expensive and luxurious means of travel. The most expensive train ride packages can be found aboard the Royal Scotsman. A 4-day trip costs a whopping $ 6,620 a huge sum compared to a 19 day first class trip on the Trans Siberian railway costs way less. This remarkable nature trip gives one a glorious view of waterfalls, valleys and hills and of course this kind of ride is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry

2. Motor homes


Motor homes are next in line the list of the most expensive ways to travel. In the recent past, the demand for luxury motorized has risen significantly mostly due to the comfort and convenience associated with RV’s. If you need unparalleled comfort and convenience when traveling, luxury RVs are the way to go.

The world’s most luxurious motorized homes are provided by Featerlite Luxury Coaches. The entry steps to these luxurious RVs are made from Inca marbles with the stair case hand crafted from glass which is in turn embedded with copper. Some of the features that give it a luxurious feel include a liquor cabinet equipped with crystal glasses, a saloon with sofas and a gallery hosting sub-zero appliances and a bedroom with a king-size bed and a huge plasma screen. It also boasts of a sports car under the take giving an individual of having a car at hand when on holiday. A single unit: the vantare Platinum-Plus costs $ 2.5 million

3. Car


According to the world’s largest search engine Google, Maybac Exelero is the world’s most expensive car. Made in German, the car has featured in jay Z’s music video `the lost one’ and boasts of a V-12 700 horse power twin turbo engine. This two-seater vehicle can comfortably reach speeds of up to 351 km/hr. what makes this car special is that it is custom made according to the specifications of a client and is manufactured with the help of college students. It costs 8 million dollars but the price varies upwards depending on the customization

4. Planes


Planes are by far the most comfortable if not fanciest way to travel. the most expensive luxury aircraft in the world is the Airbus A380 and goes for a whopping 300 million dollars for the base model alone: without customization. If the plane is bought for personal use and customized, the price would naturally be higher

Its cabin is approximately 478 square meters: a clean 40 percent more than the floor space for the second largest aircraft, the Boeing 747-8. The A380-800 can comfortably accommodate 525 people in a 3-class configuration but when configured solely for economy class, it can accommodate 853 people.

5. Yacht


The yacht tops the list of the most luxurious and expensive ways to travel around the world. Yachts are undoubtedly top of the line when it comes to the world of luxury travel straight from their self contained luxurious facilities to other exorbitant features such as swimming pools and even mini-golf courses.

The most expensive yacht in the world is owned by a Malaysian businessman. Known as the History Supreme, it was designed by the official designer for iPhone cases and is made purely from gold and platinum: 100 000 kilos of gold. The history Supreme is a one of its kind craft and is considered as one of the most expensive travel means in the entire world.

One feature that makes this yacht completely unique and one of a kind are its decorations. The interior of the yacht has been customized and uniquely decorated with dinosaur bones and tiny meteorites. The approximate cost of the yacht is 3 billion dollars.

So in other words if you’re going to end up traveling let’s do it WLTHY.