Luxury Kitchen Appliances for The Easy Life

Extravagant kitchen appliances give you the opportunity to enhance your culinary output with little effort. It doesn’t matter how good you are at cooking, if you haven’t got the right tools for the job you’ll struggle. The rich and successful need appliances that make like easier, and while you may not consider the appliances on this list “essentials,” they’ll definitely give you a little more creative freedom in the kitchen.

Halogen Ovens – Literally watch your food cook


If you prefer to live an eco-friendly lifestyle using a halogen oven can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. In addition to having low running costs, they are very efficient. Most will heat up in just a few minutes and have a transparent glass casing, allowing you to watch your food as it cooks.

Waffle Makers


When you’re feeling a sweet temptation a nice sugar coated waffle will certainly satisfy your needs. While this appliance may not be extravagant in the classic sense, they certainly deserve a place on this list purely because of how great waffles taste.

Coffee Machines

Britain is a nation of tea drinkers and when we have coffee it’s almost guaranteed to be instant. While it would be unusual to walk into a kitchen and find any less than a container filled with English breakfast tea, coffee isn’t always readily available, especially when it’s filtered. Although coffee machines are quite common, they definitely deserve a spot on this list as a luxury device.

Ice Machine

We all have ice trays that can fit into the freezer, but an ice machine is definitely a luxury. Most ice machines are built into fridges and freezers; however, standalone devices are also available.


Not to be confused with blenders, a juicer is specifically made for extracting the juices from fruits and vegetables. Juicers are perfect if you want to make healthy smoothies and fruit blends. Blenders cut food at a fast rate, while a juicer will squeeze food and discard all of the excess waste, such as pips and skins.

Water Filters

Water filters come in a variety of different forms, the most common of which are simple filtering containers that can be stored in the fridge. Some of the more extravagant devices are standalone systems that will cool the water automatically.

Soda Streams


Soda streams seem somewhat of a gimmick, yet their significantly rising in popularity. People who regularly use them, love them and wouldn’t have their drinks any other way.


Decarbonisers are very common in restaurants and are often used to remove difficult stains and burns when hand washing won’t suffice. Leaving cutlery, crockery and other general kitchen accessories in a decarboniser overnight will make them appear brand new.

Deep Fat Fryers

For that genuine fast food flavor you can’t beat a deep fat fryer. There’s nothing easier and they’ll make chips and fish taste great. However, there is also nothing unhealthier; therefore, they must always be used in moderation!

Bamboo Rice Cookers

Rice is one of those difficult foods – hard to judge quantity and easy to overcook. If you enjoy making your own sushi or regularly cook Asian style cuisine, then a rice cooker is a functional and efficient way to steam the perfect rice every time.

Having luxury appliances is one thing, but if you really want to think more creatively in the kitchen, consider changing your décor to create a more pleasant and functional layout. For inspiration, check out the designs at Nicolas Anthony.

Image Credits: The Independent

Image Caption: With a halogen oven you can literally watch your food cook.