World’s Most Expensive Dinners


Raising funds for the needy can be done in distinct ways and the elite class in Dubai has found a unique way to accomplish this mission. They are organizing the world’s most expensive dinner, so as to raise funds for United Nations World Food Program. The event is set to be organized on the helipad at Burj Al Arab hotel.


A distinct specialty of this event is that the same will have only 12 guests and each of them will be paying $2700 for the meal. The event is to be held on 13th March. The event will act as a grand finale to the Dubai Food Festival which is currently being organized. The location for the dinner is unique in the sense that the same will provide a panoramic view of the skyline and the imposing Arabian Sea.


The guests who have already booked for this special dinner will be welcomed in a traditional Arabian way. Food will be great as the same is to be prepared by Burj Al Arab’s executive chef Maxime Luvara. The menu is still a closely guarded secret but given the specialty of Maxime, chances are galore that the chef will be offering a combination of French, Mediterranean and fusion cuisine.