How To Tie A Bow Tie

learn how to tie a bowtie

There is a common misconception that knotting a bow tie is really difficult, it really is not. In fact once you get the hang of it, it is actually simpler than knotting a tie; the reason knotting a tie seems easier is because you are actually used to doing it. I went to a boarding school in England which often enough it was required to wear a bow tie, being me however I sometimes found myself running a bit late to whatever occasion I was required to wear the bow tie, I perfected the art of the “running knot” the act of knotting your bow tie at a full sprint and still coming out the other end looking like James Bond, many of my fellow school boys actually hated me for this talent, but that is a more advance skill, let me walk you through the simple steps.

Step 1 Hang the bow tie around your neck as you would a regular tie, keeping the left side a bit longer than the other. Ideally the end of the bow on the right side should be just lower than the start of the bow on the right side.

Step 2 Loop the bow tie by crossing the left side of the bow tie over the right side and through the hole made available at the top of your neck. Adjust to make the bow tie tight and comfortable around your neck, what was originally the left side should now be on the right side.

Step 3 Fold what is now the left side of the bow tie into the typical bow shape loop the right side of the bow tie around the middle of the bow.

Step 4 The final and only difficult step. Insert the side of the bow tie that is now hanging down the middle of the bow, in the hole created around the back of the bow; once you have done this simply adjust the bow tie till it looks right. And there you have it! A knotted bow tie. It always looks better and less cardboard than a pre-knotted bow tie and you look much better when you loosen it after the knight and let it hang around your neck.