Top 10 Luxury Cars Rappers Can’t Live Without

Bingo Bango


Rappers love their cars and they spend MAJOR money on these machines.

Here is our TOP 10 Luxury Cars Rappers Can’t Live Without

1. Rolls Royce


$500K baby

For a mere half a million you can see yourself cruisin in this beast.

2. Mercedes


This car is only for the elite of elite. Cruise this baby in the streets of Paris – As Kanye would say.

3. Bugatti


Bugatti that’s my nick name. If you really want mad attention the ONLY car to invest in is a Bugatti.

4. Bentley


The classic cars of the rich. Wife out your lady with a Bentley and never worry about losing sleep again.

5. Cadillac Escalade


The classic Cadi.

6. Ferrari


A Ferrari says it all. Big spender, Big Baller.

7. Lamborghini


Rule #1 if you got it flaunt it… Rule # 2 Always Matte.

8. Porsche


The new 4 door says it all. I make money and I don’t give a shit.

9. Maybach

birdman-nicki-maybachSexy and all class if car screams money.


10. Aston Martin


The Aston Martin is another sporty and very classy car that occupies a special place in the hearts of all car lovers. So much of its cherished history is based from the role this iconic car played in James Bond movies like Goldfinger and Thunderball.