Top 5 First Date Spots in Los Angeles

If you don’t find amore at these haute five restaurants, you definitely can’t blame it on the ambiance!

1. Malibu Wines

Great wines, live music and a beautiful setting make Malibu wines the ultimate romantic spot. Whether you want to show off your knowledge of vino or simply want to enjoy a picture-perfect setting, trust us, this is one picture-perfect place for a great date.

2. The Other Room

The Other Room is dimly lit, plays music at just the right volume and is chock-full of gorgeous Venice Beach locals. The menu isn’t fussy — they serve wine, beer, champagne and sake — but it’s extensive. Best of all, should you suggest an evening at The Other Room, your cool factor has definitely gone up.

3. The Bungalow

Brent Bolthouse’s new spot inside Santa Monica’s Fairmont Hotel & Bungalows is the anti-Hollywood, which is partially why it’s so great. But why is has it made our haute first date spot list? Easy. There’s roaring fireplaces, kitschy decorations, a ping pong table and bungalows…in case your first date goes really well.

4. The Villa Nova

Show you’re a true Hollywood classic by suggesting a night out at The Villa Nova…a restaurant which just so happens to be in Newport Beach. This old school spot has gorgeous ocean views to go along with its street cred: its famous clientele included Charlie Chaplin, Bing Crosby, John Wayne and Dean Martin. Villa Nova also happened to be the spot that Joe DiMaggio took Marilyn Monroe on a blind date and where Vincent Minelli proposed to Judy Garland. Who can resist a legend? Not us.

5. A.O.C. Wine Bar

If you really want to impress your date, take her (or him) to Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne’s infamous 3rd st. wine bar and restaurant, A.O.C. The wines are delightful, the food is superb and the setting couldn’t be more beautiful. If things are going really well, move outside to the outdoor garden patio for some intimate conversation under the stars.