First Class – Flying in style in 2015

This article is provided by The London Helicopter


Today, international air travel is worlds apart from our understanding of it only a mere century ago. Our appreciation, too, is not what it was the first time we saw our species take flight on mechanical wings.

Modern day aviation started off as an exercise in pure practicality. Whilst now we are concerned with how comfortable our journey halfway across the world might be, our only concern a hundred years ago was staying in the air. When the Wright Brothers took flight in 1908, for a whole 45 seconds, that single effort was considered a revolution. Now, only a single century later, we have the ability to access the internet wirelessly, at 20,000 feet in the sky.

Luxury flight is now a regular occurrence in our lives, and with it comes an endless variety of different ways to enhance our flying experience. Travelling by air no longer means careful preparation and uncomfortable experiences, now it is a holiday in itself.


As this article notes, flying 12,000 miles across the world in 1930 could cost you as much as $20,000, after adjusting for inflation. Today, that same journey on a regular commercial airliner could cost as little as $2,000. What’s more, for 10% of the price, you get what is clearly ten times the safety, and luxury.

The development of first class has meant that a level of commerciality unfathomable at point for the aviation industry is now a household name. ‘Luxury suites’ in commercial airliners contain anything from widescreen HD televisions, to king sized beds, with business class passengers paying thousands of dollars to travel at the height of luxury.


One of the most important developments in the culture of luxury travel has been the advancement of helicopter technology. Helicopters have a separate history from aeroplanes, one that has led them to be impressive technological wonders to this day. Whilst the workings of a plane are of little consideration for the average flyer, just watching a helicopter do what it does is pure entertainment. Able to hover, turn and ascend and descend with ease, the superior physical capabilities of the helicopter means it is not only the height of luxury travel, but the ultimate toy. Private helipads are the new must have accessory for the rich and the famous, with privately owned helicopters popping up everywhere, flown by trainee pilots with money to burn.

There’s no doubt that in 2015, luxury travel has reached heights that were never though possible a century ago. We can only wonder what aviation will achieve in the next 100 years.