Flying Cars You Can Buy (If You’re Rich)

In the 21st century, the mix of congested streets along with a rapidly deteriorating environment has proven to be a fertile ground for that inception of the most costly flying cars.


For decades, flying cars are already a fascinating futuristic principle that has been featured in several comic books, stories novels, TV series and movies, thereby engaging the fascination of millions across the globe. Now, with the present and rapidly evolving modern technology, this dream is fast turning into a reality, one which holds the potential of changing the face area of personal transportation forever.


With the current traffic figures growing in leaps and bounds, flying autos seem to be a encouraging alternative, which will offer an efficient, user friendly, along with environment friendly means of traveling.
Numerous companies and individual designers have come up with their own variations of the flying automobile and so far they have all portrayed an incredibly encouraging future for these extraordinary vehicles. Most of the flying cars are heavily inspired from vertical lift aircraft, such as the helicopter along with the designers have accomplished remarkable results by making use of vertical takeoff and landing technology on their flying cars. In addition, with the availability and creation of cutting edge the navigation and flight handle systems, flying automobiles have come a long way from mere illustrations to concrete reality.

In light of the immense breakthroughs made in the field of traveling by air cars and their speedily soaring popularity one of the masses, here at Entire world Most Expensive we are very proud to present, the Five Most Expensive Air Cars.



Manufacturer: Urban Aeronautics
Value: $3.2 Million
Apart from the individual transportation uses, a flying car can very well be quite instrumental in the field of rescue and will even become indispensable for first responders. Taking this aspect into consideration, Israel based Downtown Aeronautics is currently working on their version in the flying car referred to as, X-Hawk. When certified and completed for sale trip, the X-Hawk will carry an estimated price tag of $3.2 million, thus so that it is the most expensive flying vehicle. The X-Hawk is essentially a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle and has been created to be extremely sleek. The expensive flying car is operated by turbine motor and the vehicle will be incorporated with a cutting edge fly-by-wire multiple-channel trip control system that might be equally complemented with the presence of an automatic stabilization system. The X-Hawk will boast of a leading speed of 155 mph, while attaining a maximum operating ceiling of 12,000 feet. Urban Aeronautics managed conduct a success air travel of the first prototype in the year 2009, although the X-Hawk is currently under improvement.


Aerocar N101D

Manufacturer: Aerocar Overseas
Price: $1.3 Million
designed and Designed by Aerocar International during 1954, the Aerocar N101D is perhaps one of the most renowned vintage soaring cars and the initial of its kind that truly flew. Last month, a properly renowned name in the area of vintage military and civilian aircraft providers, Courtesy Aircraft brought the N101D through the pages of past and offered this spectacular flying car on the market with a price tag of $1.3 million, thereby so that it is one of the most expensive soaring cars. The N101D was developed as a efficient concept and only 5 examples are known to can be found. This astounding production of aviation sports a two seat area while featuring typical car steering handles, along with flight handle systems. The Aerocar N101D comes with a rear engine and the complete sized wing set. One of the most creative facets of the N101D may be the wing set alone on the ground and can be easily folded and towed behind the car. This expensive flying auto is powered by way of a Lycoming -320 4-cylinder engine that produces 150 hp of thrust and the traveling by air car has a greatest service ceiling of 12,000 ft.


Moller M400 Skycar


Manufacturer: Moller International
Price: $500,000 (Approx.)
Designed and designed to give efficient as well as a innovative way of individual transportation, the M400 Moller Skycar from the Moller Overseas is among the most stylish at the same time among the most costly traveling by flying cars on the market. The M400 Skycar is powered lift straight takeoff and attaining (VTOL) vehicle that encompasses the features of a helicopter and a jet airplane. This expensive flying vehicle is powered by four state of the art amazing Rotapower 500 Wankel rotary engines that happen to be all computer managed. The M400 Skycar produces 720 hp of power which could further be boosted to 1,155 hp. This exceptional amount of thrust makes it possible for the Skycar to achieve a maximum pace of 330 miles per hour with an average price of climb up of 4,800 ft . each minute (fpm). Moller has confined the vehicle’s cruising velocity to 305 miles per hour at 25,000 feet and this awesome flying car functions an operational roof of 36,000 feet. The M400 Skycar can allow for up to three people and a maximum range of 750 miles.

PAL-V A single


Manufacturer: PAL-V
Price: $392,344
At the 2012 New York Automobile Show this year, traveling by air cars seem to be the main focus of attention as these ingenious machines give a glimpse of the foreseeable future and their revolutionary apps in the field of personal travel. Netherlands based, PAL-V has showcased its two seat hybrid vehicle and gyroplane, the PAL-V ONE. This incredible flying car takes its name from its category that of a private Air and Land vehicle (PAL-V) and has been designed to be as efficient in the oxygen as it is on the ground. The PALV-1 employs the advanced Dynamic Vehicle Management (DVC) system that permits the flying auto to automatically great melody its lean position as reported by the vehicle’s acceleration and speed. This high-priced flying car can accommodate up to two occupants and with an impressive thrust of 230 hp, the PAL-V One could easily attain a maximum speed of 180 km/h in atmosphere while delivering a maximum range of 315 miles. On the road, this incredible flying automobile can deliver a top-notch speed of 112 mph, while attaining an acceleration of to 60 mph in under eight seconds and a maximum range of an astounding 750 miles. The PAL-V ONE is expected to begin shipping and delivery in the year 2014 and may carry a price tag of $392,344, thus making it probably the most expensive flying cars.


Terrafugia Transition


Manufacturer: Terrafugia
Price: $279,000
With the ongoing 2012 Ny Auto Show, one of several foremost names in personal aviation, Terrafugia, has come out with its latest offering in the form of the all new Terrafugia Transition. This state-of-the-art flying car went under development during 2006 and in the month of March this year, the company declared that the flying automobile had successfully accomplished its first flight. The Transition bears an all the carbon dioxide fiber body which enable it to very light in weight whilst getting aerodynamic sound. Terrafugia Transition is operated by the Rotax 912ULS unleaded fuel engine that gives the traveling by fly car with the top rated speed of one hundred seven mph, while supplying a maximum variety of an astounding four hundred eighty nine miles. During its testing phase, the Transition was offered a rare exemption from the U.S Federal Aviation Management (FAA) in regards to the soaring car’s maximum takeoff weight, thereby efficiently classifying it as an easy-sport aircraft. With a projected price of $279,000, the Terrafugia Transition has made its way into the professional list of one of the most pricey flying cars.

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