Santa Runs Los Angeles Sporting a Lambo

Xmas Lamborghini Prank Santa


It’s Christmas time, so it only makes sense for the WLTH team to put some fun into luxury.

We were very fortunate to have be given a bad ass 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder convertible thanks to Midway Car Rental in Los Angeles.  We originally saw this post by the Rich Kids of Instagram and thought that these spoiled little brats did it all wrong, so why not do something a little more fun and interesting?

Rich Kids of Instagram Lambo Xmas Tree

The idea was to figure out how the hell we were going to strap a Christmas tree on the top of a $250,000 car without scratching it.  Midway was sweating bullets, but we assured them that we knew what we were doing.  Wink wink.


As we were driving, we were shocked to have been stopped by Leslie Mann and her kids.  They drove by taking photos of us, which we thought was pretty freakin cool.


After that, we put up the tree, and love seeing everyone smile and have a good laugh.  We forgot we had a film crew near us and we didn’t end up getting all of the coverage we wanted, but oh well, the day was great and we brought a lot of joy to people.  We also told people to post it on Instagram and tag it as #lambosanta so we can track it.

Other little notes about the shoot:

  • The guy from TMZ chased us down to shoot video of us.  We were pretty excited, but unfortunately TMZ must have thought that Justin Bieber picking his nose was probably more interesting.
  • Freddy Kreugar wouldn’t shut up about asking Santa for money.  He then swore he knew Santa, and his glove looked pretty damn real so we wanted to get out before some scary shit happened.
  • The cops followed us a couple blocks and we thought for sure we were getting a ticket.  Shortly after the photo op, some crazy guy was screaming at the top of his lungs that we stole his Xmas tree.
  • One guy almost fought another guy because he was trying to take a photo of us and the other guy wouldn’t stop screaming.  Next time, we will have more camera angles to show all of this fun LA stuff.