Billionaire or Bust

 For some, it has always been a question how people get to be rich.


While others are tormented with their lives with just barely sufficient resources from all their sources of income, some people would probably have the most unimaginable comfort living by having all the things they need and want.

Averaging Possessions


Globally speaking based on statistical findings, 87% of the world’s billionaires are coming from the male community; they acquire an average wealth of $3 billion, while female, on the other hand, would often have a slightly higher digits than that of the male having an average wealth of $3.2 billion. Translating that to material possessions, an average billionaire would often have four homes, with each one summing up to nearly $20 million worth. Aside from houses, yachts are also one of the most common assets of billionaires followed by private jets and their wicked inclination to arts and paintings.

More on the Details

Since people could simply assume that billionaires have almost unlimited resources for living, equating that to having many kids would be more of a given scenario just like this one middle-eastern with a staggering 24 kids. Feeding these kids and giving them a comfortable and bountiful life wouldn’t probably hurt for these people. But according to statistical data, a billionaire should have two children. However, in real life, there is an estimated 15% among billionaires who have 4 or more children.

Furthermore, data dictates that an average billionaire is worth $3 billion with 18% liquidity, which is equivalent to $545 million in cash and other liquid possessions or assets for each person – an information-based finding that suggests the old mantra “cash is the king” remains a highly relevant statement as ever.


Breaking down the wealth of these people, it would show that 42% of their net worth is mostly invested to private holdings, 35% in private common stock, 18% is in cash and others and the remaining 3% and 2% is often allocated for real estate and luxury assets, respectively.

The luxury holding of the world’s billionaires is approximated to be $126 billion or an average of $58 million for each billionaire portioned to different properties including yachts, jets, art and paintings as well as antique items, collectible cars and jewelry.


Having such a wide spectrum of wealth, most of these people pick Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong as their favored destinations for whatnot and rich desires.



Talking about education, an estimated 68% among the richest people hold at least a bachelor’s level degree, which is above the national average even in the most ‘educated’ countries across the globe. Moreover, research found out that Harvard University is the alma mater of a large pool of billionaire alumni, followed by the UK’s Cambridge University, which is the only considered institution in the top 10 list that is outside of the US.

Connections and Networks


The most powerful and richest people in the world are, predictably, moving in a tight social circle. They often congregate year after year at the most exclusive gatherings commonly known for their extravagance, glamour and sophistication as well as political significance or a combination of three. The likes of which include the annual World Economic Forum where richest business owners and political leaders gather to shape and improve the state of world economics.

Let’s Make It Rain!!!