Celebrities and Cigars – The Height of Luxury


Cigars are a sign of stature and smoking them can literally make you feel like a film star. Cigar smoking has been significantly increasing in popularity over the past 20 years and the industry owes a lot to Hollywood for its success. Listed below are some of the most famous faces who are partial to the cigar. Alternatively, if you’re already convinced you want a cigar then there are many sites which can provide limited edition stogies to make you feel like a star, such as The Cigar Club.

Kid Rock

35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Portraits

Rap, country and rock artist Kid Rock, is always spotted toking on cigars. Despite singing about activities that are generally frowned upon, he does have a class that is unmatched by others. Kid Rock can be seen lighting up in his Redneck Paradise music video, and quite frankly, at every concert his band play during the summer.

Dita Von Teese


Dita von Teese is the woman responsible for giving stripping a classy and sophisticated image. She is one of the most beautiful sex symbols around and a true star of burlesque. She is often pictured smoking cigars and erotically blowing the perfect smoke rings.

Snoop Dogg (Lion)


When Snoop Dogg publically announced that he believed he was the reincarnation of Bob Marley, everybody thought he’d gone insane. This sparked a huge surge of media attention, and in virtually every picture taken of him, Snoop was snapped smoking his signature Cuban cigars. Snoop even went so far as to release his own brand which was available at his festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Tom Hardy


Nobody in Hollywood has more looks than Tom Hardy. He has the ability to change his hair, body shape and facial features whenever he chooses; but there’s one thing that always gives him away – his love for cigars. Unlike some of his characters (Bronson, Bane), Tom Hardy is a well-spoken, well-dressed gentleman who regularly makes appearances on the red carpet wearing a tweed jacket and smoking a cigar.

John Travolta


John Travolta certainly knows how to hold a cigarette on camera, but he’s actually more of a cigar smoker in real life. Virtually every film he’s made since Grease has featured him smoking: Get Shorty, Pulp Fiction, Face Off. After Swordfish, many of his fans even went out of their way to find out what cigar cutter he used in the movie. 2013’s Killing Season was no exception.



Award winning songwriter, actress and singer Ciara, has a style of her own. She’s not afraid to show off her masculinity and almost always has a cigar in her mouth, even when she turned up to prestigious award shows such as the grammys.

Ice Cube


Whenever a new shot of Ice Cube crops up on the Internet, he always seems to be smoking a fat cigar. In fact, since the early 90’s cigars have been an integral part of his image and is now considered his trademark.

Jay Z


Cigars certainly seem to be popular in the rapping community. In 2013, Jay Z even launched his own line of cigars after partnering with famed brand Cohiba Red Dot. His cigar line is currently available in New York department stores and has been used to help promote his fragrance, GOLD.


Image credits: Heidi Schempp Fournier and banana 105