Go America! Our Top 7 Presidents

America has a lot of Presidents…


But not all of them are as cool as these guys!

We decided to include our list of our Top 7 Coolest Presidents & a few facts to back up their coolness.

#1 Mr. President Obama


Fact 1: He was the first President to own a Blackberry

Fact 2: He owns a pair of boxing gloves from Muhammid Ali

Fact 3: He smoked pot and tried cocaine in college

Fact 4: He loves scrabble and poker

Fact 5: He plans to install a basketball court in the White House grounds

#2 George W. Bush


Fact 1: He is known as the ‘vacation president’ he took 900 days off

Fact 2: He was a cheerleader in his high school

Fact 3: He was a huge fan of the Texas Rangers

Fact 4: He enjoys peanut butter and honey sandwiches and grilled cheese.

#3 Bill Clinton


Fact 1: He played Rugby at Oxford

Fact 2: He prefers briefs over boxers

Fact 3: His cat named ‘socks’ was a famous presidential pet

Fact 4: His nickname was Bubba

Fact 5: President Obama appointed him Secretary Of State

#4 John F. Kennedy


Fact 1: He was the youngest president ever elected

Fact 2: He donated his congressional and presidential salaries to charity

Fact 3: He grew up in the Bronx

Fact 4: His favorite place to shop was Brooks Brothers

Fact 5: His favorite sunglasses were the American Optical Saratoga

#5 Ronald Reagan


Fact 1: He loved eating jelly beans

Fact 2: His nickname was Dutch

Fact 3: He starred in the film Casablanca

Fact 4: He was a successful actor and football player

#6 Thomas Jefferson


Fact 1: He totally would’ve had an ipad – he was really into science.

Fact 2: We’re not talking e-mails, tweets or text messages here. Jefferson wrote about 19,000 letters during his lifetime. He also used a machine called a polygraph that made copies as he wrote.

Fact 3: He loved Vanilla Ice Cream

#7 George Washington


Fact 1: He was 6’2 and weighed 200 pounds. He was one of our biggest presidents

Fact 2: His favorite dish was mash potatoes

Fact 3: He bred hound dogs with unusual names for his time; True, Tarter and Sweet Lips

Fact 4: He was the only major founder that lacked a college education

Fact 5: Marijuana was the primary crop grown by Washington at Mount Vernon