Top 10 Greatest Beards in Sports

I think it’s safe to say that 2013 was dominated by facial hair. First, the Robertson Family with their luscious beards from Duck Dynasty became massively popular; and in doing so raked in millions of dollars for A&E and Duck Commander. There was also the rise of the beard in sports, most notably by the Boston Red Sox who grew out their facial hair en route to their World Series Championship. Lastly, the guys over at Movember raised record amounts of money for research and awareness of men’s health related issues.


But what the “porn-stache” was to the 1970s, the beard is to 2014. For as many different styles of mustaches there are, there are an equal number of beard styles. For instance, some guys might decide to just forgo their razors forever, just like the Robertson clan seems to have done. Other men might be more inclined to keep their faces semi trimmed and keep a darker shadow, something that takes a little skill and a lot of patience.



In the sports world, we have seen an exponential growth in the numbers of athletes who are growing beards. Beards are no longer just for hockey players and for the playoffs, but rather a statement of one’s manhood, despite the fact that some still can’t seem to grow a beard well into their 20s.

Is the trend here to stay? That is still up for debate. For some athletes the beard is a good look and can help to cover up their ugly mugs. As for others, there is a little too much man going on, and they should probably enlist their wives’ stylist for advice.


10. Sidney Crosby – Center – Pittsburgh Penguins


9. Jimmy Johnson – NASCAR Driver


8. Jose Bautista – Outfielder – Toronto Blue Jays


7. Tim Thomas – Goalie – Florida Panthers

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Two

6. Johnny Gomes – Outfield – Boston Red Sox


5. Simon Whitlock – Professional Dart Player


4. Kimbo Slice – MMA Fighter/Boxer


3. James Harden – Shooting Guard – Houston Rockets


2. Brett Keisel – Defensive End – Pittsburgh Steelers


1. Brian Wilson – Pitcher – Dodgers


Are you ready to grow?