What’s The Current State Of Egypt?

Since the crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protests headed by who can now be considered a national hero, General AbdelFatah El-Sissy, the streets of Cairo, Egypt have been said to be the safest they’ve been since President Morsi came into our lives.

Over the course of his one-year term as President in Egypt, Morsi went above and beyond all means available to mankind in order to make every wrong decision and undiplomatic move on both the local and international level. Among the many wrong decisions he made was a flat out destruction of the city of Sinai, found on the edge of Egypt near Gaza.

It is said that Sinai was left to its own devices, basically becoming somewhat of a no man’s land, with outlaws and members of the Muslim Brotherhood roaming neighborhoods and terrorizing locals. Following the crackdown, many members of the brotherhood sought refuge among their comrades in Sinai, and it was believed that this city would be the target of terrorist attacks, as well as the planning and plotting of attacks in the capital city of the country.

The army tried to take back control of the city, but it was brutally attacked by the brotherhood at the time and so the question of Sinai was to be taken care of at a later date.