Gadgets That Will Get You Laid

Everyone loves to have an experience of wild nights and intimacy.


The rich and famous simply have the means to make it happen a lot easier than your common bloke that works an average job.

While this may not be fair, it’s honest, and another things to put into the concept of fair, life simply isn’t meant to be fair. The people who are privileged got there through hard-work, or had it handed to them, but either way, they have a way to impress the ladies in a way the average man can’t afford.


If you’re rich then that means you are used to getting what you want with the flash of green that line your pockets, and can pretty much have what you want based on what sits in your bank accounts.


This means that the women you want, you can have. With a little more creativity and innovation and you can make it all the more fun, and with that in mind, here are the apartment gadgets for the rich and famous that can make their ‘home’ that much more appealing for a lustful evening.

Gadgets For The First Impression ‘Whoa’


Nest Thermostat


When you are coming through the door with a beautiful woman who wants to have to make adjustments for a maximum comfort? When the alternative can be simply coming home and knowing you don’t have to do anything but give that person your utmost attention—This home gadget learns your behavior based on when you set various temperatures for the home, as well as the temperature you prefer. It’s developed by the same person who invented the iPod and it’s technology focuses on what matters most, your preferences.

Transparent TV


A great approach on those lustful nights is when you are trying to show off the things you have that no one doesn’t, and that’s exactly what this piece of technology allows. The transparent TV takes the movies based on the future and brings them to life in your living room or bedroom. Women love thinking about the future, this gives them a taste for it.

The Floor Plan Light Switch


When you are creating an atmosphere that coordinates with the mood of an intimate evening, the more dim lit and exotic, the better. This allows you a layout of your home and gives you a way of adjusting the lights with a maximum amount of simplicity, giving you the advantage of making the mood set, exactly when you want it to.

Aura Lamp


The Aura lamp is something that was designed in France and it gives off a nice kind of glow that brings the feel of relaxation to a new form of life. This is the perfect addition to a bedroom to give that nice dim lit look, with an ultimate sense of style.

The Sony Eclipse


This is a media player that you put up against the window and it stores solar energy as a means to play music and videos. This is a nice high-tech gadget that is nice and compact, and is available to put on the music you want to set the mood.

The Electrolux Fireplace


Ever hear of the concept of laying down by the warmth and lighting of a nice fire? Well there are very few things that warm a woman’s heart like the texture of a nice fire and having the right person to experience it with. This makes that option readily available.

Go Get’Em Boys!!!