Apartment Gadgets That Will Get You Laid Part 2

Our continuation of Awesome Apartments

Gadgets that will get you laid.


It’s not a science it’s just cost a little cash.


LED Ceiling


This is a cool little device that lights up your ceiling with adjustable LED patterns through the function of a pen. You can draw out various art or you can paint out that special message to the person you are trying to impress. Whether it is a way to make your level of flirtation meet new heights, or a way to simply make them smile, this is a great way to impress the company you have over.



This is a surface tile for rooms of your home and is made up of a material that allows you to mold various images and art into the walls. This isn’t for everyone, but for the right people this is a great way to bring creativity in with a spice of interest.

 Wave Ultra Sonic Wine Ager And Refrigerator


The concept of drinking wine and romance have gone hand in hand for ages, and to enhance that fact a bit further there is now the option to age wine faster, as well as save on the expense of electricity. While cutting costs certainly isn’t an intimacy enhancing topic, it doesn’t have to be, this invention helps age wine and gives it that great taste that can make that special evening a little bit more precious.

 The Tulip Bath/Shower


This invention not only saves space in your shower space, but it also gives the option to of various massage programs and underwater jets for baths. This is the perfect way to make that time in the shower a little more exciting with a few special adjustments to the way the water feels on the body.

 Coral Reef LED Floor Light


The way a room is illuminated has a large contribution toward the mood people are feeling, and having the right exotic colors flashing in the background while sharing an intimate kiss can be the start of a firework show in line for the evening of intimate events.

 Roku 2


This is a very simple box that you attach to your TV and it makes it easy to put on whatever kind of programming you want on the TV. If you’re looking for a simple night in to just get close to the person you brought home, this is a good start without having to get angry with the loading preferences that are common with the latest ‘on demand’ networks.

 iRobot Roomba 750


This little tech device is a vacuum that is a great conversation starter, a good laugh, but also a great addition to modernized convenience. You can schedule this to clean your apartment while you aren’t home which means when you bring that special someone home, you are bringing them to a place that is sparkling so that all the attention can be put toward them.

 Sonos Play 3


This is a all-in-one speaker system for your home which makes giving surround sound to the music that is setting that special mood that much easier, and sounding that much better.

Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System


The sense of security a home has is a key notion to make an evening all about the passionate events you’re sharing with that other person, and this makes sure you can have that peace of mind. With this put in place it will monitor everything that is going outside of your home, giving you the thumbs up to continue the passionate evening.

Sony NEX-F3 Camera


This camera has a flip-up LCD screen and is a specialist in taking portrait photos, which is all the more encouraging to take some romantic shots with you and the company of your choosing.

And there you have it, several special kinds of gadgets for your home setting that can spice up an evening and give that special someone a new look toward lust and passion. With the right choices of the above toys and themes and you will have nights that you never thought you could experience. These toys will bring a brand new kind of experience, and once you’ve had a taste then there will be no going back to ‘normal’.giphy-5

Women love passion, they love challenge, and they love the ability to feel like someone is really going out of their way to make the night special. The items above allow the opportunity to live out passionate thoughts of the future as soon as tomorrow. Depending on a woman’s specific interests there are always the additional options to make it more accommodating for their tastes. This could mean adding a jukebox kind of machine that is iPod integrated, which is available as a specialty item from Bose speaker system, or it could be a number of approaches that are available through multiple online stores.


The avenue of passion is something that can be sparked between two people from simple charm, but can be invigorated to something so much more with the addition of a few accessories. The items listed above give a taste of creativity, a taste of passion, and ultimately, an invitation to new kinds of fun. Find yourself on the ownership-end of all of the above and you will see a drastic change in your nightlife routine, and lust-filled evenings that you will be proud to experience. What can begin as fun toys can lead to being a magnet of great seduction.