Top 10 Techy Startup Billionaires

From APPS to nerdy ideas that were dreamed in a star wars meet up, these techy peeps are now ranked with the Billionaires of the world.


167 of the top 500 billionaires were in the U.S. Of those 167, 15 of them made their big bucks in tech startups.


Bill Gates

Ranked #2

Net Worth $61.0B

Larry Ellison

larry_ellison_oracle_ceoRanked #5

Net Worth $43.0B

Jeff Bezos

Jeff_BezosRanked #19

Net Worth $25.2B

Larry Page


Net Worth $23.0B

Sergey Brin

Google co-founder Sergey BrinRanked #21

Net Worth $22.8B

Michael Dell

myce-michael-dellRanked #49

Net Worth $15.3B

Steve Ballmer

ballmer-today-2010-10-11-600Ranked #51

Net Worth $15.2B

Paul Allen

paul-allenRanked #53

Net Worth $15.0B

Mark Zuckerberg

zuckerberg_2432876bRanked #66

Net Worth $13.3B

Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene-powell-stevejobsRanked #98

Net Worth $10.7B

Out of the 1,426 people on the Forbes Billionaire list, only 29 of them (2%) were under the age of 40.