The eye-catching launch by Ascent Ti is surely to put a break on the wishes of those longing for a phone that is more than just receiving calls and messages. Yes, you are right Vertu; from Ascent Ti is a perfect blend of aluminum and titanium materials, offering a wide quad-band 3G and GSM network coverage. Few other and rare aspects inhibited in the making of Vertu make it a hot pick among the luxury lovers.


It is a complete package for those who want good looks and an equal advantage is received by those who like attractive or high tech features in a handset. And, if you are thinking what makes this phone so tough and powerful both from inside and outside, well that is in the very construction of Vertu for which this company is world famous. On one side where the use of aerospace-grade aluminum provides strength to its body, Titanium being a must in Ascent Ti’s portfolio also contributes in providing good looks.

What goes in making the handset so different?

Instead of the fact that the phone is built using some exceptionally statistic elements, it is not heavy and reasonably light weighted. This combination is achieved through the use of various really amazing techniques, which you simply cannot recognize once you see the beautiful curves and scales of the phone!


These techniques include anodization and precipitation toughening treatments make the surface five times harder than the actual material. This is not only that makes the handsets tough, the case is also built after procedures like extensive 860 degree heating and then its moulding using 630 tones pressure. Furthermore, this is only a part of around nine steps that contribute to casing of the handset.

What’s more?

When it comes to the other features, Vertu is a delight for travelers, who can capture great shots using five megapixel cameras, with high quality LED flashlight for powerful illumination, a tilt sensor providing adjustment facility of view from portrait at various angles. To top this advantage 32GB storage is provided to the users, so that they can easily store theirs clips, clicks and files.

Vertu comes with a large aid with GPS technology and worldwide maps of more than 190 countries. Moreover, wherever you go with the handset it will display the local time of your initial location. You can also avail the facility of chronograph function for time recording and accuracy, by just pressing the side key placed for activation of stopwatch.


The exclusive features that Vertu is inhibited with are very rare in the category of luxurious phones these days. There is no compromise that the company has made to give such charming and stealth looks to the handset. The availability of handset in various colors has contributed in making it an eye candy for in and women as well. However, it is completely your take on how you want to flaunt it and explore the various features. In addition to it, the standards as established by the brand Ascent have been successfully and completely met by Vertu.


So after all that BS… What do you think is better?


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