The Most Expensive Home Cinemas in the World

home cinema

We all love to watch a great movie, and the sound and picture quality can literally make or break the experience. While the average household is more than happy to fork out a few hundred pounds on their setup, spending over the odds for an electronic device that’ll be out-of-date in a matter of years (probably months) seems a little pointless.

No doubt you’ve looked into the window at your local electronics store and seen a mammoth 4K, 80” system for a price tag in the tens of thousands. These systems may be expensive, but they’re literally nothing in comparison to the world’s most extravagant setups. In association with Ads Digital, we have compiled a list of the most expensive home cinema systems in the world.

home cinema

Kharma’s Grand Enigma – $1 Million

Kharma’s Grand Enigma was designed purely for an atomic cellar in Belgium. Unfortunately, it’s not actually on the market as only one was ever made. At the time of its release it was labelled the most advanced and expensive sound system ever produced, but it’s since lost its title. After it was made it was even showcased around the world because people were so intrigued.

Transmission Audio Ultimate – $2 Million

The Transmission Audio Ultimate may be third on the list; however, it’s purely an audio system. This setup features over 40 sub woofers that are each paired with 2 speakers. It produces over 31,000 watts and can generate volume equivalent to a jet taking off. For the price you could literally build and open an entire small commercial cinema from scratch.

Lincoln Dickson’s $3.4 Million Installation Job

Lincoln Dickson spent five years building a four bedroom house with the optimum home cinema setup. With a commercial projector – the Runco MBX-1 – that’s capable of projecting images 40 feet wide; audio and video automation systems in every room; and 24 carat fabrics to decorate the main viewing area, it was quite a costly endeavour. The final installation even managed to swipe the title of “Installation of the Year” in Entertainment Magazine in 2007.

Jeremy Kipnis’s $6m Setup

Jeremy Kipnis is the founder of entertainment company Kipnis Studios, which specialises in consumer-based home cinema systems, and as the head of the company he had to set the bar high. The centrepiece of his setup is a huge 18 by 10 foot screen. This is hooked up to a top-of-the-line video projector, custom made DVD, CD and blu ray player, custom VHS recorder, custom laser disc player and various games consoles. The audio setup consists of over 30 separate amplifiers and 30 separate speakers, strategically scattered around a large sofa to provide optimum sound quality.

Most of us will never be able to afford or experience watching television on cinema systems even remotely close to the price of these four setups – note the word price. The industry moves very quickly, and in just a matter of years it would hardly be surprising if setups like these were available on a consumer level.