What are They Doing that I’m Not? The Hottest Celebrity Beach Bodies

It’s that time of year again! Summer is here and the sun’s out, which means it’s time for the hottest celebrities to get out their beach bodies and take to the sands. Paparazzi pay days are known to go

through the roof around this time of year, and it’s no surprise when there’s this much to see.

Last summer was a great year for babes on the beach, and this year is no different, with starlets going from Vera Wang dresses to luxury bikinis as they strut their stuff. The paparazzi are already taking up heir spots to get the hottest snaps, and we have the best of them below! Take a look at these beauties taking the spotlight this year.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s Instagram has more hot bikini snaps than you can shake a stick at, and there’s no surprise when it’s in awesome shape like this. Almost every day the ‘Teenage Queen’ singer gives her followers something to ogle and envy from around the world.

katy perry bikini

There’s something for everyone to admire here, with her ample bosom that was clearly given to her by God (note the jealousy), and my god look at those legs! I’ve noticed there’s even a website called Dem Legs, which actually dedicates a whole page to worshipping this lucky girl’s figure, and Dem Boobs, which is dedicated to her, well, you can guess.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift bikini

Taylor Swift is the envy of millions of girls around the world, and it’s because of her incredible figure! Those endless legs, and skinny as anyone could hope for. With a body like this, it’s no wonder that male eyes around the world are stuck to ms. Swift as well.


Ever since her ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ turn in 2007, Rihanna has made headlines for showing off her amazing beach body all over the planet. Her incredible legs are even insured for a million dollars.


One of Rihannas most press heavy moments in the bikini department was when she took the spotlight in Carnival 2013, sporting a pearly outfit that definitely turned heads, showing off her glorious curves.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie has gone virtually unnoticed in the US, but this year she’s blown everyone away, and not just because of her music.


Her amazing body is credited to the running sessions she claims to do every day, keeping her toned and looking great all year round.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart - Coachella Music & Arts Festival candids in California 14

Kristen Stewart has taken her droves on fanboys to new levels of obsession with revealing snaps of her insane beach body. Her incredibel stomach, sexy legs and outfits that just don’t quit!

Miley Cyrus

Have a look at Miley Ray Cyrus any point over the past year and you’ll be sure to see her wearing next to nothing, tongue out on show and of course, infamously twerking. It’s safe to say that Miley sure has the figure to show off her curves, and her outfits certainly show the best of her.


When she donned the Dope swimsuit in the viral ‘We Can’t Stop’ music video, she showed the world a side of her that is now an all American classic. She’s the new sex symbol, with a rocking body that we all wish we had.


The one true queen of RnB has always had a body to die for, but this year she truly outdid herself, with appearances such as ‘Drunk in Love’ showing she still has a figure that can’t be beat.


Rolling around of the beach with husband Jay-Z, there’s really no better picture of perfection than the bootylicous Mrs Beyonce Knowles.