Santa Barbara… You Make Me Wet

Well, now that my dry humping days are over and done with…hopefully!


I think I need to take a break from this whole finding a boy toy thing and just do me.


So I planned this girl’s night the other day with some of my best friends! Now these girls are not your average classy ladies, things can get out of hand really fast. The plan was to go to a new city for one night and just play it by ear, which is exactly what we did. Let me introduce you to the wonderful city we like to call Santa Barbara, where the boys are all attractive and fun.

Doesn’t get much better than that right? Actually, it did.


We started out at a really nice local restaurant where we had amazing conversations about our encounters with the species we call a male penis! It was quite amazing to feel like your not alone in this wacky world of dating. I am not really sure what was in the air that night but the guys were swarming us…maybe because there was eight attractive girls all sitting at one table?

Or were we beaming off shining lights of lets fuck?


Most likely the second one…since we are all single, just had a horrible experience, or are in a serous relationship where the sex sucks. Regardless, the dinner was amazing. We headed to this hopping bar, which was filled with men; you would think this would be the perfect situation for us right?

Mmmmm well, we actually thought we were going to be drugged and raped. FAIL.


I think we ran to a local dive bar down the street and at first it seemed a little bit awkward until the drinks started flowing and the boys started talking, yup we found ourselves some hotties. I think it all went downhill after that, or uphill I guess I should say! We ended up raising hell at that bar and going back to one of the guy’s houses that had a Jacuzzi, everyone got down to their undies and jumped in.

It was actually great, to be that free and just fucking happy!


We all let loose and well some of my friends are complete sluts, they showed those boys what was up! But for me…I fooled around with a sexy boy who looked like all he did was lay out on the beach from morning until night. Zero expectations and I had probably one of the best nights I have had with a guy in a long time!

AND I didn’t sleep with him; this is a great lesson for all of us.


While we are all out searching the perfect fuck or the perfect fucking husband…we should be just enjoying life and when the time is right, it will fall into place.


This was a huge slap in the face for me…Joe from Santa Barbara, you are perfect.

I will most likely never see you again so I wont know if you suck in bed or are a complete asshole…but thank you for the best twenty four hours I have had without sex I think in…forever?

You rock my socks off. So PG.


My vagina is smiling for you though, until next time.


Your favorite LA Secret. XOXO