Why Disney Runs The World

We all know Disney is a massive, loaded company. Just based on companies with Disney in the name, we can tell it’s one of the biggest franchises in the world. But #66 in the world big? Obviously, we know they own all the vacation spots with their name on them: Disneyland in CA, Walt Disney World in FL, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong International Theme Park and the Disney Cruise Line.

And duh, they own Disney Studios, Disney Animation, the Disney Channel and all of the child stars it pimps into the music industry (cough, Miley, cough).

But that alone wouldn’t put them over Goldman Sachs(#68), American Express (#90) or Morgan Stanley (#96). So what else is there? How did Disney go from the tiny company that barely scraped together the $5,000 to make “Steamboat Willie” in 1928 to the 2nd biggest media conglomerate in the world?

Aggressive expansion. Through a series of shrewd — and expensive — buyouts, the Disney umbrella now shelters:


That little mouse controls the future of the galaxy! Sure, I’m excited about the new movies and new games, but you know Disney is thinking about some bastardization crossover betweenIndiana Jones and Star Wars. Episode I The Phantom Menace grossed $1 BILLION worldwide alone and Disney bought the company for $4 billion.

The History Channel

Holy sh*t. Walt Disney was allegedly an anti-semite and a racist, and his company owns the History Channel? Thank God that the History Channel only airs things that are 100% factual all the time, right?