National Security Or Chai Latte? The Pentagon Has Less Secure Internet Than Starbucks

If you had to guess which group had the more secure network, would you choose the building in charge of national security, or the one in charge of making frappuccinos?

Sadly, the answer is the ladder, as a senior Defense Department official testified on Thursday that the WiFi networks at Starbucks are more secure than those at the Pentagon, according toReuters.

This comes after defense attorneys for alleged terrorists at Guantanamo Bay asked a judge to halt pretrial hearings in a death penalty case after it was discovered some of the defense’s evidence was either digitally deleted or altered, pointing to the Pentagon’s network being infiltrated.

“It’s not speculative or hypothetical. It happened,” said Air Force Colonel Karen Mayberry, the chief defense counsel for the war crimes tribunal.

To protect their documents, Mayberry instructed her defense team to vacate the government network and take their computers to Starbucks, calling it “the best bad option that we had.”

Not everyone is buying this notion, including prosecutor Ed Ryan.

“You’re not concerned about the nice man in the green apron looking over the major’s shoulder as he’s typing these emails?” Ryan scoffed at Mayberry on Wednesday.

Sending documents digitally, especially when representing alleged terrorists, is not the most secure thing to do in 2013.